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Hit Shows About Taciturn Enigmatic Bad Boy Contract Killers (And Their Soft Spots), Streaming Now

So as far as I can tell, someone was given an experimental assignment to create a compelling serial visual story using only two main characters, one of which has no dialogue and one of which has no facial expressions. Whoever it is, I hope they got an A.

I didn't get hyperfixated on The Mandalorian, but I liked it a lot. I liked how simple it was, how episodic, and how true to the Star Wars universe without relying on the backdrop of a war or any characters we've seen before. The mask on Mando for the whole season save one scene of touching vulnerability actually worked out really well. The new droid models and creatures were way fun. And of course Baby Yoda, I don't even have to say anything here, just Baby Yoda.

So I'm definitely here for S2, and if anyone has observations or theories to share, I'd love to hear them. Mostly all I know about this fandom so far has to do with how hard it is to get good Baby Yoda merchandise.

I have spoken.

I'm always excited when my husband and I both want to watch the same show, but it's also maddening because he wants to take it at such a slower pace than I do. I think we're over halfway through The Witcher now, but come on! It's only like eight episodes long!

This one's got higher highs and lower lows, for me, than The Mandalorian, but it averages out to about the same level of overall enjoyment (so far, that is). What I do like includes Jaskier, Jaskier's music, Geralt, Geralt in the bath, Jaskier annoying Geralt, the choreography and style of the fighting scenes, Roach, the monsters, and the way Geralt responds to everything with either a grunt or "Fuck". What I don't like is a little harder to pinpoint, but I can probably just summarize it with "too cynical". There are funny parts, but not too many heartwarmers.

Also, I'm finding it oddly hard to follow -- oddly, because I can tell it really isn't, but for some reason I seem to zone out every time a vital piece of exposition is dropped, and I'm left confused. Simon had no such problem, but both of us were thrown by the scrambled timeline. ("Wait, so this whole episode happened sixteen years ago?")

Will probably have more to say about this one too, when finished, so I'll also welcome thoughts from others who have watched it.
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