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Last Year's Fan Art

I realized when I was making my 2019 master list that I hadn't posted any of my fan art here, and I'm not sure why. So here's a post to collect all of it so you don't have to bother with clicking each link if you were curious about it.

First one I finished in 2019 was started at some point in 2018...the reason it took so long may have had something to do with emotional baggage from the incident in the Rocket fandom that still had me shook up at the time, represented in the picture by the icons between Rocket and Groot (and the planet in the background).

I put a less personal version of it on deviantArt and paired it with some Crosby, Stills & Nash lyrics.

This was a request from Taaroko based on the trailers for Endgame, using that viral quote from Brooklyn 9-9. Had fun with Rocket's comic-accurate outfit.


Two furriest MCU heroes.


Okay, so this was kind of an obscure joke even if I had timed it perfectly, which I didn't, and now it probably requires a good paragraph of explanation and we all know how that ruins whatever funny was there. Anyway, before I type out an excuse for this, let me know if you actually get what's going on here.

Tags: a show i watched, art, character: goose, character: groot, character: nebula, character: rocket, fandom, guardians of the galaxy, marvel cinematic universe

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