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But it doesn't seem to be that way, sell my soul for a bit of change

Just got hired...at the Yale bookstore. Part-time. Minimum wage. Well, then.

It'll float me for next month's rent, and by then I should have a second job. Doesn't let up the pressure too much, but at least it's looking like I can stay in New Haven. HOORAY RETAIL, NOW MY DREAMS ARE FULFILLED FOREVER. Bright side, bookstore. It's actually a Barnes & Noble, and they probably shouldn't have told me about the employee discount.

In other news, welcome to a couple new people on my friends list. Usually I put entries like this (i.e., lifey stuff) under a filter; if you want to see them in the future, comment here with your favorite board game.

It's my birthday next week. Who wants to make me the Buffy/Angel animated icon I've always wanted?
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