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Snowflake Challenge #2

Challenge #2

In your own space, talk about your fannish history. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

• The year is 2008. I'm living across the country from my family, with a lousy boyfriend and one other roommate. The latter has a projector and the complete Buffy series on DVD. We decide to watch it together.

• A couple seasons in, the show has become a replacement for my lacking relationship. I go hunting for fanfiction in which Buffy and Angel get it on, mostly to find some validation for my urge to write my own.

• I write my own. I make an account at FF.net and a new blog at LJ. I live and breathe Buffy/Angel. I break up with the boyfriend.

• The year is 2010. After moving into a studio apartment in town, I'm lonely and aimless, struggling to make ends meet. I lean harder into the Buffy fandom and the friends I've made through it. My stories have received some positive attention and my online handle is becoming somewhat known.

• There are fandom wars over the comics that are being published at the time. I get flamed and it feels like a knife in the gut. I keep writing fanfiction, but it never again comes as easily as it used to.

• I move back to the other coast and focus on obtaining pets. Some sort of low point in my life gets reached and overcome, at least twice. I post meta on a variety of shows, movies, comics, and books, and I dabble in fan art and graphics, but aside from one Dollhouse fic, Buffy is still the only fandom I've written fanfiction for.

• The year is 2014. I'm recently married, working a real job, and traveling a lot, and the novelty of Buffy has finally worn off, so fandom has been pushed into the background. I watch Guardians of the Galaxy and it changes my life.

• I write an epic-length GotG fic and make new accounts on the current fandom hot spots, Tumblr and Discord. My next inspiration comes from Daredevil and the other Netflix MCU shows that follow it, so the MCU as a whole becomes something of a new fandom foundation for me.

• The year is 2018. I have several ambitious creative projects in the works, including a lot of fannishness. Most of them will meet quiet offscreen deaths, and the rest tend to come out in checklist format. I almost never read fanfiction anymore.

• Basically the whole experience with Buffy happens all over again with GotG, except with a more compressed timeline and I already have a good idea of what to expect from it and how I want to handle it.

• The year is 2020. I'm ready to get stuff done.
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