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Books Lately: What Have I Done

I'm reading way too many at once, which basically means I'm not actually reading some of them but I'm partway through and ready to go back as soon as I finish a different one. But let's go down the usual categories:

Hardcover: A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, yes, this is still the Wheel of Time series, but let me tell you I am going to be heckin' crushed when I finish it. It's been over twenty years since I started reading these books and I'm not sure who I'm going to be when I'm not anymore. But there's a bright side, of course, even aside from that bittersweet farewell feeling. The TV show is still looking good -- here's the latest casting announcements -- and I've got hopes for covering it regularly once it's out.

Poetry: Still on these Collected Poems by John Betjamen, the most Cornish poet who ever Cornished, but here's some little-known Kairos trivia: I actually have two poetry collections going at once, one on the Kindle so that I don't have to travel with an additional book. Obviously it takes much longer to get through that one, so I've only just finished this first thing that C.S. Lewis ever published, despite downloading it years ago. It's nothing special but it's free and it's C.S. Lewis. Having that checked off, I went hunting for the first almost-free collection by a name I recognized, and came up with this Emily Dickinson collection, which I haven't started yet.

Kindle: Still on The Iliad (I mean, it's no beach book), but I also decided to give myself a break and dip into some YA. The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin is a Harry Potter ripoff which immediately made me start wondering why we say "Harry Potter ripoff" like it's a bad thing. The main purpose of this one (I've gathered from what I've read so far) is to make it Christian, but it also offers a female protagonist and a new spin on familiars, and I'm all for it. One of the familiars is a thylacine.

Nonfiction: Art and Fear was on my Amazon wishlist for ages before I finally realized how cheap it was and just went ahead and bought it for myself. I try to avoid creativity-related self-help, but it's a fun read even if it won't help anything.

Audiobook: I sort of got stuck on Side Jobs. Thinking of taking up yoga again, or maybe just eventually remembering to take my iPod on a couple hikes.

Comics: Hmm what to say about Hellboy...can I get back to you? I asked an old friend about what else I should read that would get deeper into character development and the type of thing I like from comics, and he responded, so I'll be digging into the series some more.
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