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Pondering a world without Netflix

As I'm sure you're aware, all of the MCU shows on Netflix have been cancelled. Those creeps cancelled all of my shows, my blind Catholic boxer show, my angry survivor girl show, my bullet-hole-hoodie show, my failed potential crossover show, my Kastle show, even my annoying little sibling show. The Marvel TV future strategies are complicated and I'm holding out hope for some eventual revivals, but in the meantime, screw you, Netflix.

...Is what I thought, and then I thought, wait, no really, screw Netflix. Can't I do without it?

So currently my mission is to watch everything I want to watch on Netflix and then cancel that bitch. Here's a few of the shows I've conquered so far:

The Guild: I love Felicia Day and her nervously obsessive character, but I have to say the highlight of this show was the guest appearances in the later seasons. Nothing tops the moment that [Spoiler (click to open)]Neil Gaiman pops up.
The Good Place: The latest season makes me think that maybe the premise is running dry and it needs an expiration date to thrive, but it'll still be worth watching to the end just for the one-liners. And for [Spoiler (click to open)]Janet's lovelife.
Bojack Horseman: Since my previous complaints about this show mostly centered on how depressing it is for the lead character to keep backsliding, it was [Spoiler (click to open)]pretty refreshing for the latest season to put him through rehab and let him make some progress. Plus there was a scene with keyboard instruments for the "organs in pop culture" video I'm going to make someday. The cliffhanger in the finale was pretty upsetting, though. Cycle starts all over again? Well, I don't think I'd hang onto Netflix for this show alone, anyway.
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Dude, this show is great! One of those that's worth watching just for one aspect -- in this case, probably the cinematography -- but ends up excelling in several. How can a literal baby be such a good actor? Kind of confused about what happened at the end, though, can anyone clear it up for me?
The Dragon Prince: Remember when I wrote that article about how I wanted a fantasy TV series with American accents? I'm still not sure how I feel about it being fulfilled this way. It's a decent older-kids' cartoon but it doesn't transcend the way that Avatar and some others do. [Spoiler (click to open)]Also, "wolf doesn't need that fourth leg!" is still bugging me. She was running through the snow with two kids on her back, for crying out loud.
The Umbrella Academy: Bit too cynical for my tastes, but fun. Made me realize I don't really like Ellen Page. [Spoiler (click to open)]Selfishly, I felt it a bit unfair that if there was going to be an anthropomorphic animal character, it had to be a chimp.
Blown Away: Not a fan of most reality shows but glassblowing is still one of my dreams, and the artwork the contestants produced was gorgeous. I predicted the winner pretty early in.
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: I think the is the only one on this list that I fully gave up on rather than just letting it play in the background while I had my attention elsewhere, which is what I usually do when I'm not that into a show. This was my second time trying to watch it, with a year or two in between, and it still felt like a chore. Maybe it's better if you haven't read the book, but I was looking for some transference of the charm and style in the writing, and it just wasn't there. Ah, well.
Watership Down: Have I mentioned this one already? It's been a while since I watched it. I even wrote a CBR article on it, which probably sums up most of my feelings, so here, have a link.

And here's some of the Netflix movies crossed off my list:

Black Panther and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Just figured I should take the opportunity to rewatch those of the MCU installments that I'm unlikely to ever own. No new revelations about either one as far as I can recall. I guess I should count Infinity War with these rewatches too, but that one's kind of special to me and I've seen it a whole bunch of times.
Mary Poppins Returns: Not what I expected -- why did they change the music? Some fun animated bits, but feel free to skip it if perchance you were waffling.
Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: Oh man did we used to love this show. Nice to see a brief revival, although I didn't quite have enough affection left for it to really watch. Plus, when it's a "we used to love this" kind of thing, it doesn't work out so well to watch it alone instead of with the others in your "we".
Bird Brain: Yeah documentaries are another thing I don't really watch, but...avian intelligence! Simon watched it with me and we were both as impressed as ever.
Hellboy: Old favorite, and I seem to have given away my DVD at some point, so I was curious to see if I still liked it. I did, but not as much. However, it made a timely reminder that I have a few volumes of the comics that I purchased from the Dark Horse digital store. More on that in some other entry, I suppose.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Had been saving this one to watch with Simon, since I thought he hadn't seen it. It turned out he had, but was for once happy to rewatch it with me. You probably already know this if you're likely to care at all, but guess who's in it? Not just Chris Evans, I'm talking about the Breakfast Queen herself, Aubrey Plaza! Such a great flick.
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Can't really decide if it was as good as the first one, but the princesses scene was great and so were the internet jokes. I hope Gal Gadot does more voice acting, she's got a lovely speaking voice.
The Princess and the Frog: Rewatching the (traditionally animated) Disney classics is something I do in the same manner as the MCU films, except that for these it's usually been longer since I've seen it. I'd forgotten how good this one is; I don't think the music is my favorite, but the scenery and characters are so beautiful, and the prince has such a sexy voice.
Into the Spider-Verse: Taaroko showed me this one the night before we saw Endgame, because obviously it's a movie that needs to be seen. And it's good it was added to Netflix, because it's probably a movie that needs to be seen twice. I want more of this. Really wish Sony would turn its whole focus to building up their own cinematic universe based on this movie.
A Wrinkle in Time: I'm sorry but this just wasn't any good. Stop adapting L'Engle to film until you're ready to do her justice, please.

As for the shows I'm currently working on:

The Twilight Zone: There's actually quite a bit of this available (I don't know how much of it was made, in total, but Netflix is missing at least one season), so I haven't tried to watch every episode even though it's surprisingly good. (Surprising by my own standards; I know how beloved it is but old television isn't generally my jam.) The anthology format makes it easy to start the next episode and then just wander away if the first few minutes don't hook me.

The other day I meant to do that but Kerensa was cuddled up on the couch with me being too sweet to disturb, so I kept watching and the episode was about this old hillbilly who refused entry to Heaven if his dog couldn't come with him and it was just about the most heartwarming story I've ever seen and aaaahhhh DOGS.

MST3K and MST3K: The Gauntlet: The mood doesn't always strike me, but that works out pretty well since it means there's always one I haven't watched. Plus I don't need to watch them in any kind of order, so it's possible I won't actually feel compelled to complete them.
Love Death + Robots: Neat show, but if the episodes weren't so short I probably wouldn't stick with it.

And, argh. As I was writing this entry I discovered that The Dragon Prince S3 is out. Guess that gets added to the list.

Disenchantment: Simon and I watched the first season together and both felt fairly lukewarm about it. I'm leaving it up to him if we'll tackle S2.
Agents of SHIELD: This one I watch with Taaroko, but we've been moving very slowly through our TV lately due to current schedules. I'm really looking forward to continuing with AoS, though. It's been steadily improving for a few years now.
Stranger Things: Might come after AoS. Might come after I've finished all my other solo watch shows. Either way, I won't quit Netflix until I've finished S3.

Of course things can never be so simple, and even though Netflix won't ever give me any more Defenders, it's probably going to keep trying to lure me back in with other kinds of shows I want to see. One on the horizon is The Witcher, but that's mostly for Simon's sake, and it's coming up so soon that I probably won't have finished most of the aforementioned anyway.

A more difficult choice is in regard to Cowboy Bebop. It's barely even a choice, I mean, I have to watch the live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. Hell, Simon and I have been going through my DVDs of the original and somehow all the times I've marathoned it over the past twenty years hasn't even desensitized me. But I'm not sure how long it will take for the new one to reach the screen, and I feel like as soon as it hits, they're going to announce something else that I absolutely have to see.

But anyway. I'm sure this whole entry was way too long for everyone including myself, but maybe I can salvage it by asking you if I've missed anything important. I.e., what shows and movies do you keep Netflix for, and would I like them? This is a rare opportunity to make me listen to your recommendations. Have at it.
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