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Well, I'm back.

Snowy and beautiful here right now. On Monday we took Kerensa for a long off-leash walk, then came home and had rattlesnake for dinner, then watched The Return of the King. I wouldn't call it a perfect day since it turns out rattlesnake is pretty bland, but it did include a lot of my favorite things.

And here are some of my favorite things in the movie:

• Merry and Pippin breaking my heart when they're separated
• Legolas being Captain Obvious
• But also gotta hand it to him for the solo Oliphaunt kill
• When you're watching the horizon for the next beacon fire and it lights in the foreground
• Gandalf zooming up and down staircases on horseback with no saddle or bridle, nbd
• The look on Gollum's face just before he's incinerated
• Swarm of ghosts taking care of business in the background
• Star-glass
• Faramir/Eowyn
• Ending on the same moment/line as the book

In this one there are two changes to the plot that have always cast a bit of a shadow over my enjoyment of it: Arwen's fate, specifically, being somehow tied to the Ring, and Frodo abandoning Sam after Gollum's trick. I don't think I'd call those out as the reason that the third movie feels a little bit weaker than the first two, but they might be related to it. Throughout the whole trilogy there's a lot of reworking characters' motivations so that everything is more personal to them (as opposed to just fighting because it's the right thing to do), and by this point it's built up enough to be awkwardly noticeable.

Anyway, small complaint overall. The bigger one I have at the moment is that I have no more Lord of the Rings movies to watch. Fortunately, I'm as overdue for a reread as I was for a rewatch, and just now I got word from taaroko that she might be into reviving our old LJ comm for it when we finish The Wheel of Time. I did not extract a promise, nor will I offer one of my own. It's just an idea. But now the books are all I've got to look forward to, so the rereading part is at least certain. My favorite part of all this was answering Simon's questions during and after each movie (usually "Was this part in the books?"), but sometimes I was shamefully uncertain about the answers.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm looking forward to the Amazon TV series. Obviously I'll be watching it, but the way The Hobbit movies were such an abysmal joke even when they had every advantage that The Lord of the Rings did makes me wonder if I'll just feel depressed by every episode.

Thanks for following along with my little marathon. I'm glad to be with you, here at the end of all things.
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