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Books Lately: A New Frontier

Finally finally finished this monster, and started on the next poetry collection on the shelf, which happened to belong to Simon. So it's a Cornish poet I've never heard of, John Betjamen, and it's not entirely my scene, but it works for its purpose. Kerensa sleeps next to the bed on my side, so now when I read my poem out loud I'm reading it to her. :)

Embarking on the final book of The Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light, just as the show begins casting. (I have thoughts on said show and casting, but should probably save them for CBR.)

I ended up really falling in love with David Copperfield and its title character, which is one of the reasons it was hard to move on when I'd finished. The other reason is that I moved onto a version of The Iliad which isn't annotated and jams the lines of verse into paragraphs, and I like Greek mythology but really don't have enough of a basis in it for this.

Anyway, I have a new favorite Dickens. It's only the third one I've read, so that isn't saying all that much, but if someone ever asks me which Dickens to start with at least now I know what to say.

Following a moderate obsession with Marie Kondo's "spark joy" philosophy, I went ahead and purchased and read her book. Enjoyed it, yes, but this one's not so much about enjoying as it is about "does it work", and so far we've done the clothing stage and we're halfway through the book stage and personally yes I think it does.

I ended up finishing multiple books during the Europe vacation, since traveling provides a good opportunity to shake up your reading habits. The paperback I brought along was Bellwether, a recent gift from a friend, and not at all what I would pick up on my own. It was entertaining and refreshing, but it's already in my "discard" pile for the aforementioned KonMari book stage.

For my birthday my mother-in-law got me The Guest Cat, which managed to encompass her interest in social history, mine in Japanese literature, and both of our affection for cats. So that was rather touching, although when I say I have an interest in Japanese literature, it's more like an interest in Japan and in all kinds of literature. In practice, I find their cultural literal style to be a bit too subtle and evasive to fully sink into. But this one was well worth the time, and it will survive the purge.

Speaking of mothers, mine gets out a lot of books from the library and I sometimes find myself at her and Dad's apartment killing time while they cook dinner or whatever, so I started reading Furiously Happy while I was there. Probably got about halfway through, and really loved it but I'm not planning on seeking it out for myself. Maybe it will come to me in some form again, maybe not.

Man, talk about a lot of nonfiction! Also finished my reread of How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend, just in time for Kerensa to join us. Apparently, the New Skete training method is controversial, but the results speak. We have a good girl, a very good girl, the goodest, and I'm balancing out what I've learned from this one book with some other sources and my own observations and instincts. Simon's too, of course, but we always knew I was going to be the primary trainer, and he mostly comes to me with his questions when he has them.
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