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Good Omens on Amazon Prime

I can't get over the way Crowley walks. Honestly I would watch the whole miniseries over again just to see that bastard serpent swaggering all over the place. David Tennant is a really really good actor, which I seem to rediscover every time he's in a new role.

Neil Gaiman's schoolboy attempts at blasphemy are less annoying than they used to be, or maybe it's just this context. Judeo-Christian Heaven vs. Hell dynamics are an easy shortcut to an established mythology that everyone recognizes; talented genre authors might as well make use of them with a humorous spin.

The key to Bad Angel/Good Demon is that the angel's badness is played as a soft spot and the demon's goodness is basically a double negative. With Hell's flipped morality, doing the right thing is being naughty, and he totally pulls it off.

So British. So very very British. For me, that's a total hit or miss, but this time it was a hit with the bonus of British other half enjoying it as much as I did.

Speaking of whom -- heck yeah to all the Queen!

One of the best opening themes I can think of, too, and the title sequence animation is spectacular.

It's been a really long time since I've read the book. Obviously now I'd like to check it out again, but I don't have a copy at hand and my reading list is too long, as usual, so I'm not going to make it a priority.

From what I do remember, though, it's really faithful, down to some of the individual lines. I mean, unsurprisingly. But I'm pretty sure Gaiman had a hand in American Gods, too, and that didn't turn out nearly as well.

Jon Hamm was great.

Climax was a little anticlimactic. That's the only complaint I can think of offhand. Wish I could recall what they did differently from the book.

This is an effective and enjoyable use of Ho Yay, in my opinion. If you choose to interpret Crowley and Aziraphale's relationship as platonic friendship, it's still a genuinely moving one. If not, well...for kicks I checked out what Ao3's doing with it so far, and the ship distribution is exactly what you're expecting it to be. XD

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