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An Essay on Legion Which Will Not Be Written

I pitched this article and it was rejected by the editors; not complaining since they offered me something better instead, but I figured I would put up my pitch here just in case anyone wanted to talk about the best show ever made.

Proposed Title: Legion Is Going Down in History -- Even If the Final Season Isn't That Good

Summary: Legion is returning to FX this month for its third and final season. For some shows, this would be the moment of truth: can it hold up to the quality of the first two seasons and provide a satisfying ending to the story? It’s unfortunately commonplace for a promising show to turn forgettable by the time it wraps up.

But so far, Legion has been much more than promising. Its surrealistic style has set it apart from every other comic book show, combining stunning (and sometimes disturbing) visuals with complex questions of psychology and metaphysics that keep the viewer’s mind engaged without sacrificing a coherent storyline. The cast is excellent, the humor is effective, and the soundtrack is meticulously crafted. And through all the novelty, it still honors its Marvel source material.

A weak third season is certainly a possibility, and it would certainly be a disappointment. However, with showrunner Noah Hawley still at the helm and all of the same elements still in place, there’s no way it can be bad enough to retroactively ruin the whole series.

Proposed Word Count: 600-800
Tags: a show i watched, legion

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