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Game of Thrones, but not in the way that everyone else is talking about it because I don't have HBO.

I finally rewatched the Season 7 finale, this time with Simon but not with any illusions that we're actually going to get to watch the final season before the spoilers ruin it for me. (I've already heard a bunch of spoilers, or hints too easy to piece together. Why are GoT fans so much more brazen about this than MCU fans?)

Anyway, over the years I've become more and more disillusioned with the show, and it turns out that even a big pivotal extravaganza episode doesn't have much rewatch value for me. I wish I could stop comparing it to the books.

Fair's fair: the undead ice dragon burning down the Wall was JAW-DROPPING. STUNNING. Possibly the coolest, scariest, most beautifully rendered twist in the entire show. The pacing of the series has for the most part worked really well, raising the stakes and building up to the last battle(s) steadily with the big moments like this one spaced out.

But stuff like Arya and Sansa conspiring to catch Littlefinger doesn't really do much for me. I mean, I'm glad he's dead, but he used to be the kind of villain where you're kind of torn because he's evil but you love watching him, and by the end he was still evil but not as much fun to watch, so of course he's going to die but when he does it's more relief than thrill.

Seeing everyone finally come face to face with each other was cool, I guess. Maybe my whole problem is just that I haven't been able to experience these moments with a fandom, and the lag changes it because there's no excitement bubbling around it. Matters for some media more than others.

I've heard about the reactions to the last few episodes, the petition and all, and I can tell you right now I'm not planning on being outraged no matter how much I dislike the writing choices. There are going to be dragons and there are going to be attractive humans locked in battle with snow zombies and I don't see why anyone should ask for more. Sometimes adaptations surpass the source material, or at least become independent of it. This one didn't; it's a high-budget illustration. There's nothing wrong with that.
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