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What I'm Reading

Audiobook: You know, I thought I stopped listening to audiobooks because I wasn't walking or biking daily, but now I realize that I probably shouldn't have bothered with Side Jobs. Short stories interrupt the routine, too. I forget the title of the next Dresden Files, but I'm pretty sure it's the one that everyone says is the best, so I'm going to look into that. (Skin Game? Is that it?)

Nonfiction: How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend -- I actually read this, or at least some parts of it, years ago. This time I actually am getting a dog.

Fiction: Not really anything, which means it's time to start The Gathering Storm. I guess the only reason I've been putting it off is because I wanted to catch up with the Tor.com WoT reread first, but I'm doing that now too.

Reread: The Subtle Knife, but yesterday I was given the best reason ever to put it down for a while: Simon wants to read His Dark Materials! He never does that! Of course, I pretty frequently read while Simon isn't around, so I may finish the trilogy while he's getting through the first one anyway.

Kindle: Finishing Moby Dick, probably within a couple days. I think the next classic queued is Uncle Tom's Cabin, although I might break for another Pelted, since I nabbed Even the Wingless while it was free.

Comics: It's actually been kind of a long time since I had some comics to read. Does anyone want to rec me something? No guarantees I'll take it, but this is a rare opportunity to rec me anything, usually I block them all out. :)

Poetry: I'm still on the same Treasury of Poems that I was last year at this time, which is no surprise since it's a large book to be going through one page (if that) at a time. But I'm more than halfway through now. The poems are categorized by topic and right now it's "Mother".
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