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Happy Rest of 2018

Original fiction:
This is where I really blew it this year. And it's a shame, because I kind of believed in some of my WIPs - and still do, sure, but...imposter syndrome I guess? I actually went to a panel on that at FanX, and it's past time to dig out my notes (on all the panels) and get serious. It's not even like I've been writing much fanfiction.
Gonna forgive myself for blowing off NaNoWriMo in both July and November, though. Who knew you could be so busy without a job. We're just about settled into the new house and it's time to start establishing new routines and getting back to some of the old ones, so I hope part of that is a dedicated block of daily time in which I don't allow myself to think "But I'm not in the writing state of mind right now!" or other such nonsense.

Art and crafting:
I think the drive to finish my GotG/Netflix MCU crossover comics has keeled over (three cancellations later...). Maybe I can find some other cool idea to replace it.
No painting in watercolors at all this year, but at least I did a couple pastels!
No sculpting either. Wait, I did do a little bit of millefiori, if that counts. It didn't come out too well but I'm jazzed about the idea of making jewelry lately, so maybe that's where the mythical beast I promised myself will come in.
Not sure I ever got a third hand-drawn sketch scanned to digitally color. That one I am going to follow through on, though. I still love my tablet.
Haven't sewn anything. It's pretty intimidating. My last try was embarrassing.

Oh, boy, where did I leave off? I know I've finished a few books lately. Pretty sure I completed the "three authors I've never read before" resolution, so, yay me? Probably not going to get all the way up to twenty-four total books, but that's okay. At least I was reading a lot.
Also, I'm not going to finish Wheel of Time this year, but I am going to finish the reread part. So next year I can start with the first Sanderson, which will be the first I haven't read before, which is cool!

TV and games:
New BtVS-related review just has to be to get back into the Buffy fandom in some capacity. Maybe the reviews will come back, maybe not.
Simon and I did another Lost sprint and then he got a new video game and doesn't want to watch with me anymore again. Haven't decided whether to carry on by myself or if I should wait for the right opportunity to grab his attention with it one more time.

The whole "other" category is a mixed bag and I'm not really sure I have anything to say about it.

So yeah, I guess what I'm getting at here is that the annual resolutions format isn't working for me like it used to. Maybe for 2019 I'll try something like starting each month with a list of projects I want to concentrate on, or something like that.

I've decided not to do Christmas cards this year. It bums me out but I think with everything else going on, it'll be for the best. Anyone who wants to send me something anyway, you'll have to privately ask for my address. I can pretty much guarantee you don't have this one. :)
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