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Happy September

Original fiction:

I've been working on my NaNoWriMo romance novel. Not much to say about it except that that has been happening.

Art and crafting:
Haha I only put watercolors on my list for traditional painting media but I finished an enormous pastel and I'm halfway done with another one so yay me?
No luck doing anything digital lately. My tablet is fine but my Mac is in the shop.

Finished Anna Karenina and The Invisible Man and a book called Fangirl that a friend gave me because I divulged my secret in real life and she was interested. That's my third book this year by a new author, so I finally finished a resolution.
Kinda been without poetry, but I did start on a collection by my Least Favorite Honored American Poet (Walt Whitman) before misplacing it, and finished this little book.
Currently reading Moby Dick and this book about avian intelligence. The latter was a birthday gift, the former a Kindle classic I've been looking forward to for a while, and it does not disappoint. But you know how sometimes the most exposure you have to a certain classic is through a spoof? This song has been stuck in my head nonstop.

TV and games:
I jinxed it when I said Simon was still into Lost so far. I asked him if I could go on without him, and he said yes, and I watched the next episode by myself but there were two shocking deaths at the end of it and I decided it was worth it to wait for him to feel like it again.
I haven't really felt much like a Buffy marathon and I think my DVDs are buried in storage anyway. The only thing I've been watching by myself is Brooklyn-99. Except whoa wait, I do have a huge backlog of watched shows, since I haven't posted about TV in ages. Oh well. B-99 is good, I like it.

Writing for CBR basically takes care of my "blogging about media" item; yay loopholes.

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