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Happy Summer

Um, hi? I've been so busy with the move (and there were/are computer issues mixed in) that I even skipped my checklist for May, but I'm ready to start returning to LJ now. 

Naturally I was also too busy for a lot of my goals. Here's just a general sort of where I'm at.

Original fiction:
I've actually made some progress in "Retronym". Starting to feel like it might be a goal I actually achieve this year.
The other writing goals on my list, not so much. I put down Camp NaNoWriMo rather than NaNoWriMo because I thought the month of July would be when I had some time to spare this year, but it's looking like that is very much not the case, so I'm switching back to November for the goal.
No recent work on the comics or last year's November novel, but I'm not at all giving up on them. Tell you a secret: I landed a freelance job writing for a website, and it's nothing special but it's the first time I'm being paid for writing and I want to take it seriously. Even if that means neglecting my original work for a while. 

Art and crafting:
Hey, I finished coloring another sketch! And it's a sketch from like a million years ago that I still happened to have a scan of on my hard drive. Here's the WIP and the completed piece.

I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. It was really amazingly good! I got a little lost near the end because I was expecting everything to converge in an explosive finale of revelations, and it was a lot quieter than that — more in keeping with the rest of the book. Not all of the characters came together and not all of their arcs were resolved, but ultimately it was satisfying, and if there was ever a book worth revisiting to get everything figured out from the beginning, this is it. Oh, and it's another checkmark for my "new authors" resolution.
I'm about two-thirds of the way through Anna Karenina. Not sure what else I've been reading, except maybe the first volume of Runaways, and that was a while ago.
And speaking of comics, before we left CT a friend gave us an incredibly thoughtful gift of the first three volumes of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, without even knowing that I liked it. So I re/read those, and then handed them off to my nieces and nephew (who apparently LOVE them, ehehehehe!).
Most of our books are in storage and not likely to come out for a while, so, you won't be hearing about Wheel of Time for my next few monthly updates.

TV and games:
According to the plan, I donated my PS2 rather than take it along. Not according to the plan, I left my FFIX Disc One in there. D'oh!
Really been enjoying watching Lost with Simon. I keep telling him it's okay to drop it, just to let me know so I can keep watching it by myself, but so far he's still into it even after taking a break for the move. We're about halfway through S2.

Yeah, not much of anything else. It's okay. I have excuses.

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