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Another MCU art dump

Rocket and Peter doodle:

Rocket and gun doodle:

Thor and Loki doodle, for Taaroko's birthday (if it's ambiguous please note that they're doing the manly Headbutt of Love, and not anything, y'know, romantic):

I don't think I posted this one before. Asked myself it was worth it, but then had to ask if all the rest of these were really worth it either, so here we are. It's the Punisher and Micro...as schoolboys.

As promised, another two-panel "Defenders meet the Guardians" comic. Naturally I had to put the team snarkers together.

If there's one in this batch that counts as an actual art, it's this, which I finished last night after much fussing over the hair and face and other things I'm not used to painting. Please appreciate the bubbles I LOVE the bubbles, everything is bubbles, oh Gamora whyyyyy.

And just for the hell of it here's some ice cream.
Tags: art, character: david, character: frank, character: gamora, character: jessica, character: peter, character: rocket, character: thor, graphics: mcu, guardians of the galaxy, marvel cinematic universe, the defenders

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