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Happy May

Art and crafting:
Finished another of the MCU crossover comics and I've got a couple different old sketches I'm coloring digitally. Time for another LJ art post soon, I think.

Finished 12 Rules for Life, and that's an author I've never read before, so, one checked off there.
Also finished Crossroads of Twilight. I can't find Knife of Dreams, guess it's already packed, so the WoT reread will pick up again at some indeterminate time.

TV and games:
Did a review of "The Dark Age."
Okay, so I managed to get my husband into Lost, almost accidentally. Isn't that great? But it also means I had to wait for him to go back and watch the ones he had missed, and now I have to wait for him to watch any more, so this is going to be slow going.
Played a bit further in FFIX but I think I'm done for a while. The PS2 isn't worth moving and replacing it isn't going to be a priority once we settle in.

I don't think I listed it last time but I'm done making all the fanmixes I want to for a while. (Minor regret: I made a GotG mix last year but never put it up on 8tracks, and now I don't have solid evidence that I predicted the song that was playing when the Guardians showed up in Infinity War. I am that cool.)
Enough various posts to count for the "one meta a month" resolution, I think.
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