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Happy April

Original fiction:
Worked on "Retronym" somewhat buuuuut...fanfiction. Dammit, fanfiction.

Art and crafting:
You know, I've just been having a great, happy-go-lucky, somewhat productive but mostly just fun time with my tablet. I'm finally working on another of those two-panel MCU comic strips, and that Kastle pic counts for my goal of digitally coloring three sketches. No traditional art or crafting this month, but whatever, that can have its turn later.

Wait for it: I finally finished a book. Yeah. First one this year that I actually finished. And it wasn't even one of the long ones I've been working on all year, or the self-help book (had to return it and now I'm waiting for my next hold on it to come through). It was Summerlong by Peter S. Beagle, which is a name, and there aren't many of these, that will make me grab and read a book without knowing anything else about it. I'm happy to say I can recommend without reservation, although it's not my favorite by him. I also don't want to mention much about the plot, because for me it's a rare pleasure to start reading without knowing anything about what's coming, and this one really rewards you for it. Unlike most of Beagle's other novels (not that I've read them all by any means), this one has a modern setting and for at least half of it there's very little supernatural activity. If I hadn't known better I would have thought there was none coming, and when it does, it keeps you guessing about what the nature of the otherworldly aspect is -- if you know your mythology you might be able to guess, but if not, you'll still enjoy the reveal.
Plugging away at Crossroads of Twilight, book 9 of The Wheel of Time.

TV and games:
Did one more BtVS review. Started setting up for the next one, but it's not coming out easy and I feel like something's telling me to not bother concentrating on it right now.
I started rewatching Lost, yay! Finally! I think I still love it (or love it again, I'm not sure anymore)! Also made some good progress in FFIX.

Reviewed Jessica Jones S2 (which either no one else has watched yet, or no one had anything to add). Probably some other stuff in there too, whatever.
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