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Books Lately: Requiem for a Tuesday

I like to have a book going in all of several categories -- sometimes I put it down in the middle and finish something else before I go back to it, but it's enough to have it already started or queued if I happen to feel like comics instead of a novel, for instance.

My categories are below, along with what I currently have in all of them.

Audiobook: I finished Changes (Dresden Files book #12) and then started and today finished the next one, Ghost Story. I'm actually catching up to the present! Since it's my audiobook series and never quite secured enough of my devotion to graduate beyond that, I'm always a little iffy on what just happened, but I was extremely impressed with Changes. Lots of interesting things happening, highest stakes ever, lots of twists at the climax and quite the cliffhanger ending. I liked Ghost Story too, especially for the clever way it dealt with said cliffhanger. Ready to jump right into Cold Days oh heyyyy I just realized what that title probably references.

Nonfiction: Got a couple of these at the moment, thanks to my characteristic lack of restraint at the library. I saw this Slayers & Vampires dealie in the new books, and while it's not something I would ordinarily go for, it was, you know, new. People are still writing entire books about the Buffyverse! It's pretty good -- cast and crew interviews in convenient bite-sized chunks that you can browse through and ignore whatever you want. Honestly, it's probably a better book for half-interested past-peak fans like me than the type who devours all the new material and really cares. It's due in a couple days so I'll see if I can find something worth sharing before then.

The other one is Mastering Comics, which appears to be a second volume to a book I haven't read, but apparently I'm on a mission to read everything the library has on comic book creation and then do nothing with whatever knowledge I get from it. Mission made more difficult because, 'scuse me while I rant, topics that interest me always seem to be the ones that librarians have no idea how to sort. I found this one in YA Nonfiction. The entire section of graphic novels is in YA, too. Honestly, someone please just crack open some of these and decide if it's really what you want your kids reading.

The other other one is 12 Rules for Life; bandwagon, and a self-help at that, but it's good so far.

Fiction: Still Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; probably around two thirds done? I slowed down after taking on all these other things to read, but the pace of the book itself is gaining speed and certainly maintaining its quality.

Reread: Crossroads of Twilight (book #10 of The Wheel of Time). Taking it easy and indeed just got past the prologue, which is ridiculously (and needlessly!) long for this one. Flipped through to find out if this is the one where [Spoiler]Egwene becomes my favorite character. It is, so there's that to look forward to. Also looking forward to finishing it, because after that point I'm going to start actually reading the books and not just half-assing it.

Kindle: Still Anna Karenina and to be honest I'm not sure if I've made any progress at all since last time I mentioned it. See, I take my Kindle everywhere and pull it out whenever I'm out with a few minutes to kill, but at home I only read my not-on-the-Kindle books, and, uh, I haven't really been leaving the house lately. Don't worry Anna, I'll be back!

Comics: Found the first volume of Marvel's Runaways in that trusty ol' YA graphic novel section. And okay, this one probably does qualify as good teen reading, given the premise, but that never stopped me anyway. Of course I'm a big Brian K. Vaughn fan and I've been looking forward to the TV show, although I'm still not sure how I can access it, so there was no good reason not to start with the source material. Nothing terribly surprising about it yet and I don't love the art, but good comics is good comics.

Poetry: I've had this big hardcover Treasury of Poems on my hands for a long time, as evidenced by the gargoyle bookplate I stuck in there (no chance I would defile a book like that these days). It was probably just right for me as a dreamy young lit nerd, but now that I'm going cover to cover (one poem a night, sometimes two if they're short), I'm finding it all kind of safe. Weird way to describe poetry but I guess you can grow out of anything.
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