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Endless Mixes

There was a time when I would write down lists of songs that reminded me of the Endless, seven characters personifying aspects of life in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, in mini notebooks, and painstakingly add to them and imagine what kind of CD covers I would design when I finally scraped them all together. It was hard because I didn't want to, like, buy a whole CD for every song I didn't have, but what could I do.

Not a lot, until now. So sure, the music basically represents what I liked to listen to in the late nineties, excepting a few current favs I added to fill out each track list, but it was a particularly emotional time in my life and I kind of needed closure for the late nineties. Anyway, Sandman represents what I liked to read in the late nineties so there we go.

I don't really expect anyone to go listen, but I wanted to show off my album covers. (All were made by googling for the character and then making adjustments and adding the name in Photoshop.)

Tags: a comic i read, graphics: assorted comics, music, six steps to neil gaiman
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