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MCU Arts

First thing I did. Sketching/cartooning warm-ups starring Rocket and a little bit of Groot...

And then I cleaned up and colored the one that I thought came out best.

And behold, the star of the show and reason it's taken me so long to make an art post. This is not my sketch, I did not sketch this sketch, this sketch belongs to taaroko who can do amazing things like draw human proportions correctly and illustrate her own fanfiction. My contribution is the color job only. You can see her original here.

Okay, the idea here was a series of two-panel comics in which the Guardians cross over with the Netflix MCU characters. I have strips written in my head that pair off the six (official, surviving) Guardians with the four Defenders plus Frank and Claire for low-key jokes or character moments, but this is as far as I got actually drawing them. (The next one up includes Jessica and I'm having a wretched time with her face.)

Speaking of the four Defenders plus Frank and Claire (six is just such a convenient number to work with), here's a chart I made for Tumblr because I felt the need to comment on everyone's coffee preferences.

Tags: art, character: drax, character: frank, character: groot, character: karen, character: mcu ensemble, character: rocket, graphics: mcu, guardians of the galaxy, marvel cinematic universe, pairing: frank/karen, the defenders

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