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Happy March

Original fiction:
Yesterday I kind of got somewhere with "Retronym".

Art and crafting:
Did some more drawing with the tablet, although the two projects I actually have on the list are very slow going. Should at least have a coloring job to show you soon.

Guys, I haven't finished a single book yet this year. Except for Winter's Heart, which doesn't count because it's Wheel of Time. Weird thing is, I'm not even mad at myself. I'm finally into Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, like into it into it, like I can't even figure out what was stopping me before. Went from about a quarter finished to over half, so this will probably be the first real book on my list this year.
Also I finished Winter's Heart and purchased and started reading a new copy of Crossroads of Twilight (to replace the one I bought years ago not realizing it was the book club version).

TV and games:
Working on my review for "Lie to Me" right now.
I'm a few hours into Final Fantasy IX and starting to get invested (although to be honest I had hoped for better graphics - the cut scenes and backgrounds are nicer than FFVIII, my standard for everything, but I'm not crazy about the character design). Unfortunately my PS2, which I bought used in 2009, is having a heck of a time even booting up, so I don't get to play every time I have the chance and inclination to do so. Yeah, obviously it's time for an upgrade, but I'm probably going to let it die completely before looking into it.

Made three more fanmixes on 8tracks. Long before I was part of any kind of online fandom, I had a plan to make a mix for each of the seven Endless from Sandman, and now I'm finally doing it and that just makes me so happy.
I got Castle Kairos going! I haven't done much touching up since the last post I made about it, but I'm taking it off the resolutions list. (Oh man, it's the first item I'm removing from the resolutions list. I am so behind.)
Wrote a few meta posts so I'm good for that one.
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