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Not That Castle, a Different Castle

One of my resolutions this year was to finally clean up my website and start posting BtVS episode reviews as well as my fanfiction there. It was also my resolution last year. And probably the year before that. In my defense, all this uploading took a really long time.

None of the content that's up now is new (except for one drabble, good luck finding it), but by God, it's content. Come check it out, if you like.

Suggestions and criticism are gratefully accepted; this is the first time I've tried to design a page from scratch (and to be honest I always had trouble even with customizing LJ). I'm going to keep on with the reviews, and add a drabble or a fic for each episode, and tweak whatever catches my eye or comes up as we go along.

I used to have a forum up there but it seems to have disappeared from the backoffice. This is very odd since I think the link still works. I'm up for adding a new one, but I'll give it some time to see if that's what fandom wants.

The most irritating thing I found last time I tried to make the blog active is the commenting system, and I still don't dig it, but right now it's the only interactive aspect. Naturally I'd like people to be able to talk to me and each other. Since everything is a repost at the moment, if there aren't any comments it's going to be hard to tell if that's because nobody has anything new to say, or if there isn't enough Buffy fandom left to support a rewatch site, or if everyone else dislikes the commenting system as much as I do, so this is where I could really use your thoughts.

Anyway. Drawbridge down! Crossing this sucker off.
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