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Return of the Attack of the Older'verse

This week's prompt at open_on_sunday was the nice, fertile word "plant". I stared angrily at an open document until my mega-resistance to writing anything lately eased up a little and let me make some drabbles. I hope to expand some of these and actually finish Older, a story which I would not blame anyone for forgetting about by now.

One for each episode from where I left off in Season 2 until the end. Uh, spoiler alert?


Wiping the water from the sprinklers out of her eyes, Buffy returned to the center of the mall. Most of the shoppers seemed to have safely fled, and there was no sign of the vampires. Giles saw her first and came running. “Thank God you’re alright,” he said in a husky voice as the others came to gather around. “I saw you follow Angel, but...”

“Yeah. He got away. But everyone’s okay?”

Silence descended. Buffy looked past her friends and finally saw what she had been missing: Kendra’s still form, eyes wide open, her own stake planted in her heart.


“One missing,” Angelus remarked, looking over his family’s minions. “Where’s that whelp Ford?”

Drusilla seated herself in Spike’s lap. “His roots went walking,” she pouted as his hands locked around her waist. “What we plant won’t grow for us this time. Didn’t like the soil in our garden.”

“Your soil’s not the problem, Dru. The boy thinks he’s his own. Listen,” he said, raising his voice to address everyone, “you find Ford, you bring him here to me. We’re gonna have a talk about where his hands belong.”

Spike smirked. “Not on your Slayer, is the point you’re making here?”

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

“This is Cordelia,” Xander said loudly as he walked into the library with her. Buffy’s new Watcher seemed to need the extra clarity. ”My girlfriend.”

Cordy’s anger in response was genuine, not the exaggerated temper she usually displayed to mock him. “God, Xander!” she snapped, yanking her hand away from him. “Are you planning on dragging me into your cave or something now?”

They made up later in Xander’s favorite way, but when he tested the waters with a casual mention of Wesley, she was perplexingly thoughtful. “It must be so hard for him, being transplanted to America like this...”


The sound of the window opening brought Buffy from her dreaming into a state of semi-consciousness, but she didn’t turn to look. Angel came sometimes when she was already in bed, just to sit with her or plant a kiss on her cheek as she nodded off. If she was lucky, he would even lie down on top of the covers and hold her for a while.

She smiled when she felt his fingers in her hair—-and then her memory rushed back in and her whole body recoiled, heart pounding. “Get out,” she gasped.

He chuckled. “Nice try, Buff.”

Killed By Death

“I’m headed there now, actually,” said Joyce. “Would you like to come?”

“Sure, I-—“ Willow frowned at the stack of papers and folders that Joyce was gathering. “Are those all college applications?”

“Mostly, yes. I thought she could work on them, just in case she needs something to keep her mind off of being in the hospital.”

“I thought she hadn’t decided if she wants to go out of state yet.” Actually, Buffy was definitely staying, but her mother didn’t know that and wouldn’t understand why.

“She hasn’t.” Joyce smiled wearily. “But I thought I’d try planting the seed.”

I Only Have Eyes For You

Giles rubbed his temples, wishing he truly had the skill to contact Jenny, wishing he could talk to Jenny about not having the skill to contact Jenny. He missed her desperately, but now he needed her for reasons beyond the personal kind. She would know how to keep Willow safe and her research secret. She would know how far was too far.

He sat down slowly at her empty desk. Perhaps Angel would return to the scene of the crime. Perhaps they could plant some false evidence. Anything to distract him from Buffy and Willow, at least a little longer.

Go Fish

Cordelia took the chair closest to Wesley and didn’t wait for everyone else to settle before saying, “I’m so glad you called this meeting! I mean, fish people! This is really important, right? I bet you have it figured out already.”

“Well,” he stammered, “this being the preliminary stage of preparation, we’re first concerned with...”

“He knows diddly,” said Xander flatly. “I’m sure we can figure out diddly.”

“Been done before,” Oz agreed.

Cordy ignored both of them. “I bet they’re mutants,” she said to Wesley in her most optimistic voice. “I forget, does Sunnydale have a nuclear power plant?”

Becoming I

The last thing he remembered was locking up the library. Someone had struck him from behind, and now he was waking up on a hard floor, hands bound behind him. “Rise and shine,” said an unfamiliar voice above him.

He squinted. The light was dim, but... ”Angelus,” he whispered.

“Well met, my friend. Now, let’s talk business. You’re going to be here for a while, so I hope you found someone to water your plants.”

“I don’t know anything. They wouldn’t—-let me-—“

The vampire crouched before him. “Come on, Wes. All that book-learning and you don’t know about Acathla?”

Becoming II

Although the attacks were coming in waves, Buffy noted grimly that the periods of respite between them were getting shorter each time. She had just a few minutes to lean against the statue, sword still in her hand, and wonder if this was the way of the world unfolding around her, or whether it was her own custom-tailored Hell: an unwinnable battle.

She planted her feet and raised her weapon to greet the next onslaught of demons. She wasn’t done fighting yet by a long shot, but she was alone, and eventually she would drop from sheer exhaustion. And then?
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