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TV Lately: Burn Baby Burn

Yes I rewatched the entire lineup, including Iron Fist, I am not kidding around here. Noticed a few things I hadn't before, zoned out for some of the boring stretches, but more than anything it just made me psyched for the future of this franchise. I'm glad The Defenders (I'm talking the miniseries itself) hasn't been renewed; as a show it wasn't that great, but it served its function as a storyline that got all four leads plus their supporting characters familiar with each other. They don't ever really need to be a team again, although if they are, I'll watch it, and I'll expect it to be justified by a stronger story and a better villain.

The potential for crossovers is basically limitless now and I can't wait. When the first season of Jessica Jones aired, I liked it more than I expected but I was also slightly disappointed that the crossovers with Daredevil were so subdued. Now I'm thinking that kind of made sense: they had to establish each character independently before mixing them up too much. Jessica Jones S2, coming in March, is going to be the first second season that airs after everyone's had a first season (are you still with me?), so anyone could pop in for a visit. Maybe I'm just getting my hopes up too high again - I know, Jessica still needs to be at the center of her own show - but I'd betcha there's going to be at least one flappy-hands "OMG HI [character name]!" moment for me. My top choices would be Luke or Karen, but I think the most likely appearances are Foggy or Danny.

We don't know yet when Daredevil S3 is coming but if Frank doesn't show his hangdog purple face I will literally cry myself to sleep.

I spent the first few episodes fidgeting impatiently while characters who no longer resemble their literary counterparts continued down storylines I didn't care about, and then I forgave everything and embraced everything because dragons. Dragons breathing fire and incinerating Dany's enemies by the hundred. Execution by dragon. Flying home on dragonback. Knight on a white horse tilting at a dragon. Snow zombies hauling a dead dragon out of the ice and making an undead snow zombie dragon.

This is, as far as I'm concerned, the reason television was invented and I don't regret for a second that it took seven seasons (not to mention five books and twenty-something years) to build up to it. The payoff is magnificent.

No spoilers, please. The last episode we saw was the dragon being pulled out of the ice. (Anyone know if it was Viserion or Rhaegal? They're fully interchangeable but it bugs me that I couldn't tell and that Dany didn't inform us by shouting his name.)

Not the best season finale two-parter, but I liked the retro Elements. Beauty, Strength, what else was there? Gotta look them up. Can't remember anything else that particularly stood out from the second half of the season. Twilight's parents finally got speaking roles, so that was cool.

There's a whole lot to love about this show but I have to say the gang (sorry, party) of kids is at the top. The longer you watch, the more attached to them you get. I think Dustin emerges as favorite, but I couldn't get over Lucas and his family and his romance with Max. They're all nerds and they're all wicked smart and they ride around on their bikes and I love them.

Driven mostly by comparisons to this show, I tried an episode of Dark (aka Bleak German Stranger Things), but the return for handling subtitles isn't quite enough for the level of excitement so I have no immediate plans to continue.

This show has never done anything wrong in its life, ever.

If anyone has any recs, this may be one of your very rare chances to get me to listen. I keep thinking there's a ton of TV I have to catch up on, but right now none of the shows I want are available on Netflix or Amazon or other free services, so if you think I should be watching something and it's on one of those, hit me.
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