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Happy February

First month of 2018 completed, which means it's my first check-in with my new list of resolutions.

There are some life changes underway. For once I have plenty of time on my hands, so the challenge now is to use it productively, and results so far have been patchy.

Original fiction:
Worked on "Retronym" for a while and then got sucked back into fanfiction. (It's a Kastle/Defenders mashup and is threatening to become epic length.)

Art and crafting:
I started on the crossover fan art while mucking around with my tablet; will post some results later, but the resolution doesn't get crossed off yet since there's a whole series I want to complete. My trial subscription to the latest Photoshop just ran out - fortunately I got the old version to work, but now I have to learn to use it all over again.

Didn't do a lot of reading this month, aside from Wheel of Time (I'm on Winter's Heart and oh man what a relief to discover it's an improvement on the last one. It may or may not be safe to assume I'm past the lowest point in the series).
Picked up Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell again last night, finally. It will still be a while until I finish either that or Anna Karenina, though.

TV and games:
Lost got taken off of Netflix, can you believe it? I was finally ready! I'm not buying the box set, so this resolution might not happen, but I've got 11 months for the situation to change.
Did a review of "The Pack", which brought me up to the episodes I've already reviewed, so I'm now somewhere in S2.

I made my first fanmix on 8tracks.com. I'm realizing more and more that in every fandom circle where I run, I'm fairly alone in my taste in music, so this is a self-indulgent project but it's worth it for Wheeee, I just collected eight songs that remind me of Frank/Karen! (Frank alone might have to be the next one. I removed a few songs that were all him, and they're piling up.) The site comes with a lot of pressure to upgrade, but I like the way it works, so I've moved in.
Put some work into Castle Kairos. Shhh. Coming back to a project that's been abandoned this long is huge for me, and I don't want to scare me off. If you already have the link I can't stop you from going to check it out, but I'm not going to actually direct anyone there until it's a real site I can be proud of.
Not sure if that BtVS review can do double duty for my "one meta a month" item, but last night I also got interviewed by The Sunnydale Fanfic Club and blathered at length about my story Wolfsbane. That's a first! Episode is going up on Monday and of course I'll link it here.
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