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Welcome Home

Well, it’s official: Disney’s buying Fox. As far as I can tell, Disney now owns everything I love aside from Tolkien and a few of my close family members. And my pets. Except maybe for Lucy; I’ve always had a suspicion that those huge eyes and squeaky meow indicate origins in some kind of animated movie.

I don’t understand business, so I was hesitating to say anything about this deal, but I’ve been informed by several reputable news sources (ha ha, as if I knew which sources were reputable) that X-Men in the MCU is a real thing. As in, a thing that can happen. In reality.

Given that this is something I’ve wanted for as long as there’s been an MCU, I don’t want to get too fixated on the details. There are going to be disappointments, and a lot of the cool things that happen will be things I never would have thought to want, so it’s better to just sit back and see how it goes.

On the other hand, getting too fixated on the details is exactly what I want to do. Here’s a wishlist I’ve had formulating in my head for veritable years:

Middle-aged, hairy, short Wolverine.

Xavier journeys around the world seeking out mutants.

The Phoenix Saga done right, because I’m already assuming I’ll have issues with how it’s done in the 2018 movie. This ought to be the centerpiece of any X-Men universe, so go big. Cosmically big, with aliens. Spread it out over several movies and make us have to look backward to piece it together. Bring in Madeline Pryor, or Rachel Grey-Summers. Confuse us. Don’t let Jean off with a few murders on her conscience; make her eat a star and destroy a populated planet. Bring it all in with a redemption and sacrifice, but freaking earn it.

The New Mutants done right, because I'm already assuming I'll have issues with how they're done in the 2018 movie. No particular hopes for this, since I'm honestly still shocked we're getting even one movie based on this series, but I don't know, maybe make it different by using Warlock and Cypher? Maybe tackle the full Darkchilde arc instead of just featuring Ilyana as a character?

Aubrey Plaza as Shadowcat. Look, I didn’t say everything on my list was going to be a practical idea. I want Aubrey Plaza as Kitty Pryde and then I want Star-Lord/Shadowcat; it’s comic canon, there’s a basis, c’mon.

Alternatively, 13½ year old Kitty Pryde, new kid, smart kid, crush on Colossus kid.

And either way, Kitty deserves Lockheed on her shoulder.


Furry Nightcrawler, and a lot of him.

Some version of X-Factor, preferably involving their origin in which they pretend to be mutant hunters. But not with too much emphasis on the prejudice metaphor, so it stays balanced with the rest of the universe as established.

Unusually tall, dark-skinned, strong regal dramatic Storm with an accent you can’t quite place and a wild backstory that we at least hear about a few times. Make her the team leader, at least temporarily. Make her a bit of an insensitive jerk, too.

Just one Fastball Special! WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

Rogue with super-strength, invulnerability, and flight, who despite her insecurity and self-loathing is one of the power hitters of the team, rather than a Rogue who is just insecure and self-loathing.

Starjammers? Starjammers. Shi'ar? Shi'ar. Brood? Brood.
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