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Happy December

Original Fiction:
Well, we all know what I tried to do. It does allow me to cross NaNoWriMo off my resolutions, but not the other one I was aiming for, "Write a schlock paranormal romance", unless I finish a rough draft in December. Which might happen, who knows!

Art and Crafting:
Oh! I did finish designing my superhero costumes. Not particularly happy with any of them, so I'm in no hurry to scan and post, but I'm glad they're out of the way.
I also cut out the pieces for my skirt. I feel like that should be the hardest part out of the way, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

Was going to let myself off the hook this month for books, since I was supposed to devote all my time to writing and anyway the book I had just started was Anna Karenina, which is huge, but then I ended up getting The Handmaid's Tale from the library and finishing it on vacation.
Now that's a book that I've seen on every must-read list for classics, feminism, dystopia, you name it. In other words, I was prepared to hate it. I didn't, but I don't get what the fuss is about either. Not going to go into depth here since I'm sure at least someone reading this has a high opinion of the book and I don't want to hurt any feelings. I just got bored after the first hundred pages of patriarchy and adjectives. Anna Karenina is excellent so far, though.
I also read a bunch of children's books to my nieces. Now that's some worthwhile literature.
Not much further in The Path of Daggers, but it's nice to have nearby to keep returning to it.

No reviews or anything because no posts or anything. I'd really like to tell you all how much I loved The Punisher, though.
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