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Happy Almost November

Original fiction:
Worked on the first arc of my superhero comic.
Ready to go for NaNoWriMo, which, if successful, will cross two items off this list.

Art and crafting:
Almost finished coloring the superhero costumes.
Found the fabric and took my measurements for the skirt.

Finished Good Poems, which is kind of a freebie because I read a poem a night anyway. Kind of not sure if I actually finished anything else!
But I did take home a nice library haul and spent some time on an awesome nonfiction, How to Tame a Fox. I've been seeing articles about these silver foxes online for a while, and I'm so glad there's a whole book about it now. Definitely one I'd recommend to the animal lovers on my flist (represent). I didn't finish and I had to return it early because it's a new book, but I'll come back to it sometime.
And I'm maybe a third of the way through A Path of Daggers, book 8 of Wheel of Time. This is where the series really starts to slog, but I'm okay about going more slowly now, since taaroko is gaining on me and that ought to make it more fun.

TV and games:
Posted a couple of those BtVS reviews. Just one more and I can at least say I've gotten through Season 1.

Did my TV review, doing my monthly post now. (Doing all the internet stuff now, because then if I don't get a chance tomorrow, I won't be able to tell myself I'm already behind and I should just give up on NaNo, take that self, I've got your number.)

See you in a month!
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