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TV Lately: Marvelous, Equine, and Bold

I've been meaning to do a TV post for SO long! Here's some blah blah about what I've been watching.

You know, after Daredevil S1, I had a new primary fandom. After Jessica Jones S1, I was sure that fandom had become the whole Defenders'verse and not just Daredevil. I thought Luke Cage was great and Iron Fist was...Iron Fist...um...look, I really don't want to blame everything on Iron Fist. It doesn't feel right. One disappointing TV season should not be able to retroactively ruin an entire TV universe. And I swear, Defenders isn't ruined! All of the elements are still there and they mostly work really well!

But as you may have noticed, it's been months since The Defenders premiered, and although I watched the entire season within a few nights and enjoyed it, I haven't said a word about it here and I haven't really had any desire to rewatch it yet. In fact I keep forgetting about it. Something is really wrong here.

I'm willing to talk about it if anyone has any remarks, but if I do a full review of any kind I think it's going to have to wait until after I've started feeling interested enough to go back to it or check out how the fandom is doing. And I think that will happen, I just don't know when. I'm looking forward to The Punisher, coming real soon (although this will probably be the first time I don't start watching as soon as possible), and I'm glad the franchise is going strong. Next year, maybe the real magic will return.

In this world of shark-jumping and fizzles, it's so nice to return periodically to a show that holds up the standards and promises from its earliest days. The first half of the (first half of the) new season on Netflix had a little too much CMC and Starlight Glimmer for me, but then toward the end there were a few truly fabulous episodes. Of course the most anticipated was the one that finally told the story of Applejack's parents, with none other than Felicia Day voicing her mother, and I for one thought it was quite worthy and even surprisingly emotional.

Also liked the Fluttershy&Discord feels, and having an episode devoted to the relationship between the royal sisters. Daybreaker makes me want to go hunting for fan art. Maybe even fanfiction. Okay, probably not, I'm not in a fanfiction reading phase lately and I've never read for this fandom, but Daybreaker, man!

The rest of the season is scheduled to come to Netflix in November, and hopefully they mean it this time (for this half, it was delayed way past the date we heard, and I never found out why), but again, not going to have time for it right away anyhow. I just wanted to mention it to you because I'm amused that the two November Netflix arrivals I'm anticipating most are The Punisher and My Little Pony. When are we gonna get a crossover, yo?

There were a lot of reasons it took me this long to drum up any interest in this show, and in the end I only ended up putting it on because I was bored and indecisive one night. For at least half a season it wasn't even that good, but it became my "leave it on in the background" show and then turned into my "I feel like watching something" show, and by the end made it to the high honor of "must find out what happens next" show.

I'm still hesitant to call it a favorite. It's a little too cynical for my tastes, leaves the tails off of all the animals, and has the modern fixation on problematica that makes the jokes sometimes read like a Twitter feed. But I also can't deny it's a high quality show all around and it really made me think, more than once.

A lot of shows today tend to put an asshole front and center, and I have a major objection to that, which is why it took a while for Bojack Horseman to win me over. Given the Hollywood setting it seemed like there was never going to be an apology for Bojack's behavior, but gradually it comes clear that it's not meant to be funny, like in Family Guy, or cool, like in Breaking Bad. He doesn't exactly have a redemption arc, either, and it's incredibly frustrating to see him backslide after every hint of progress, but I realized that his story finally addresses one of my other major objections in fiction.

Realizing that you're an abhorrent excuse for a human being (or a horse) might be the first step in changing your ways. That's generally how it works for clear-cut villain characters. In real life, though, that realization can lead straight into self-loathing, which is useless when it comes to personal change. Worse than useless. It's the death of hope. That's what's going on with Bojack: he sees what he's done and can't see himself as capable of doing anything better.

Anyway, it's still not going to be okay with me if he never improves, but I like that this is such a new approach to a familiar trope, to go along with the weirdness of the setting and style. And that's not even getting into the animal jokes (I love animal jokes!) and the rest of the cast. I think it's safe to say I'm with this one longterm.

I was always the odd one out among geek groups because I had never seen Star Trek - not a single episode from any series, not any of the movies. My husband, on the other hand, didn't grow up with any great interest in SFF, tabletop gaming, comics, anime, all the stuff I'm all about, but he was obsessed with Star Trek. So, the time has finally come. We're watching the original series together, and after that, I don't know but there might be more.

It's still not my thing, tbh. I very much appreciate its cultural value and influence, and sometimes there's an exciting scene or interesting concept to consider, but mostly I'm just enjoying this venerable universe of rocky tunnels and eyeshadow on men. We've reached the first episode of Season 2. Oh man seasons of TV were long back in the day, huh?

Only watched the first episode so far. I like it, but keeping up with it is clearly beyond me so I'll just have to avoid spoilers for now. Thought they picked a good array of characters to adapt. Blink and Polaris are the ones I'm most familiar with, and they already look like they'll be my favorites. (I also know Thunderbird but seem to have totally missed the fact that he's in the show? Does he not appear in the first episode or did I just not hear his name?)

Was originally psyched that Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker were playing the parents, but so far the core family doesn't interest me that much. I still like Moyer a lot but somehow Acker seems like her acting has gotten cheesier, or maybe they just didn't give her a character that fits well.

Nice effects, not too ambitious and not too subtle. The setting should work really well if you ignore the entire movieverse, which I was planning to do anyway. Looking forward to seeing more.

Okay, I'm especially belated on this one, but the last season of AoS (or rather, the most recent season that's up on Netflix) was really really good! I mean, I've never been all that big of a fan of AoS, but I'm fairly convinced this was the best season so far. They created an entire dystopian AU and brought back old characters and the stakes were high and every character had a purpose you could care about.

It's been long enough already that I'm kind of fuzzy on the details of what happened, but this is the first time I really feel like I'd enjoy a rewatch before the next season. Too bad there's no time to even watch the new stuff I want to see, or so it seems sometimes.

Haha it is a joke that I put this under a cut. There are no SPN spoilers. I've watched a few more episodes because taaroko knows what kind of SPN I like so she is my informant. Spoiler: cowboy hats. Spoiler: Titanic. Spoiler: Spike/Cordy.

Yeah, so there's so much coming out I'm overwhelmed by TV again, but cool with falling way behind and catching up once they're all neatly contained on Netflix or whatever. Can you believe all this Marvel coming at us? Discuss.

...And I might as well mention now, I'm not planning to watch any TV, unless it's family time, for the month of November. Stay tuned for why.
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