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Happy October

Whoops, bit late. I'm gonna blame it on travel again.

Original fiction:
Worked on "Retronym". A little. Finally.

Art and crafting:
Bought a pattern for that skirt I'm supposed to make.

Finished Earthrise by MCA Hogarth. I liked it a lot! Was pleasantly surprised, after the Dreamhealers books, to find that she can set up a plot complete with twists, foreshadowing, and an action-y climax. Didn't finish The Prince yet, somehow. Earthrise was longer than I had expected.
I feel like I can count To Be or Not to Be by Ryan North as my secondary book. I didn't finish it cover to cover, but it's a Choose Your Own Adventure (seriously - not that publisher, but it works exactly the same way), so cover to cover isn't what's done anyway. I finished it several times the way it's meant to be finished.
Most of the way through A Crown of Swords. Rediscovered a lot of crazy (and awesome) stuff that happens in this one, as well as at least three of the most maddening arcs kicking off.

The 30-day meme is complete! Not that I wouldn't still like to add bits to it. I'll collect all the posts at some point, though, so it looks like the single piece it was meant to be.
Apparently I didn't write any reviews of anything all month. But, but, the meme! That's why I barely did any reading or writing, too!

Anyway. Back soon to hopefully finish the year off with some actual accomplishments.
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