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The Kairos 30-Day Meme: Thirty-One Favorite Songs

This is a queued entry and does not reflect my current status. A new post will appear each day this month, but to preserve novelty, the categories that I used won’t be listed publicly beforehand. If you’d like to use my template, let me know and I’ll privately send you the complete list of categories so that you can rearrange and swap them out to suit yourself.

If you don’t want to bother with the entire meme but still want to play, it is highly encouraged to list some of your own favorites for today’s category in the comments.

Bonus Day: Songs

Well, the month ends and so does the meme. It wasn't all I had hoped, but I still had fun talking about my favorites, and especially reading your comments.

Welcome to the bonus round: 31 of my favorite songs, and I found you a video for each one, containing my favorite version.

I Believe by Blessid Union of Souls

Misery Is the River of the World by Tom Waits

Confrontation from Jekyll and Hyde

Don't Think Twice It's Alright by Bob Dylan (but some covers are pretty good too)

Memory from Cats

Four Women by Nina Simone

Walk This World by Heather Nova

Mess by Ben Folds Five

Lux Aeterna by the Kronos Quartet from Requiem for a Dream

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (Rufus Wainwright cover)

Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants

One by U2

9 Crimes by Damien Rice

Try Not to Breathe by R.E.M.

Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel

Father and Son by Cat Stevens

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand by Primitive Radio Gods

Come Out and Play by the Offspring

No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley

If You Could Save Yourself by Ween

Killer Queen by Queen

Heart of Gold by Neil Young

Mykonos by the Fleet Foxes

Let Me In by R.E.M.

Omaha by Counting Crows

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

Santeria by Sublime

Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos

Africa by Toto

How Do You Tell Someone? by Cowboy Mouth

Guest List by the Eels

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