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The Kairos 30-Day Meme: Twenty-Three Favorite TV Shows

This is a queued entry and does not reflect my current status. A new post will appear each day this month, but to preserve novelty, the categories that I used won’t be listed publicly beforehand. If you’d like to use my template, let me know and I’ll privately send you the complete list of categories so that you can rearrange and swap them out to suit yourself.

If you don’t want to bother with the entire meme but still want to play, it is highly encouraged to list some of your own favorites for today’s category in the comments.

Day Twenty-Three: Live-Action Television

This will probably be the last time I add YouTube clips or possibly any visuals at all; they're time consuming and I wanna get this done! Also wow, you guys, there are so many TV shows.


Token of another era, which I left with very mixed feelings, but there’s one thing I’ll always appreciate about Seinfeld: it had no heart. Not only was there no sentimentality, there was never the slightest suggestion that one of the characters might be a decent person. It’s not that I enjoy heartless stories; I’ve just never seen anything like it since. Pure comedy with no apologies, and hell, it was funny.

Look Around You

There wasn’t that much of this made, and I haven’t seen all of it, and it’s from a long time ago in a place far away (from America), so I gather it’s not that well known. British comedy is hit-or-miss for me, but this one hit, even though a lot of it satirizes educational videos different from what we had here. I was rewatching the first episode not long ago and trying to remember what I liked about it so much and the answer was Helvetica Scenario.


We had such high hopes for this show when it first came out. It was going to be the new Lost. It only took a couple seasons to lose everyone’s interest, but it was the first live-action superhero show that had a decent budget and mature, careful writing, and it was the last show I ever anticipated from week to week while it was on air (because there was no other way to watch!). “Save the cheerleader” may go out of style, but “YATTA!” will live forever.

The Walking Dead

I’ve more or less officially given up on this one, in the sense that I’ll probably finish watching it someday if there’s nothing else. But I’m keeping it on my list of favorites because the first couple seasons were outright captivating, and a large part of the decline was simply due to too many good characters dying. I was really impressed by the way it used the source material, keeping the familiar hooks but making major changes just because, for instance, we needed a badass Carol more than a nuts one, and a Darryl more than an absence of Darryl.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Counting all versions as a single show, and you know what? I don’t know which one I like best! The classic is classic but the new one has the benefit of culturally relevant jokes, and the break scenes are better because thank you Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt. There are times when watching it doesn’t feel much different from just watching a bad movie, but there’s always at least one moment that leaves me giggling for days, and honestly, the concept alone is enough to make me love it regardless of the execution.


Oh, for the good old days. I watched the first few seasons of this show -- get this -- renting them from Blockbuster. Moved on to Netflix (through the mail!) and then I think at some point I was actually watching it as it aired, and so was everyone else, and it wasn’t exactly a fandom of mine but I did read a couple fics and okay, all I’m trying to say is, this was once a really good show. Some of you already know that, the rest of you may never believe it. And I’m not gonna pretend Shirtless Boreanaz had nothing to do with anything. But damn I miss good Bones.

Battlestar Galactica

What an awesome show. I just wish I had watched it with a buddy, and/or when it was airing, because I think the only thing keeping it from being one of my top favorite shows is timing. Well, that and the fact that I’m still not satisfied with the ending. I loved the way the stakes were always so high, with that wickedly blunt headcount kicking off each episode, and things were always happening. It shouldn’t be notable when things actually happen in a sci-fi TV show but there you are.

True Blood

I started watching True Blood because I was into vampires at the time, but right from the beginning, what really surprised me was that I was more interested in the portrayal of the South and its culture than I was in the urban fantasy lore. I have no basis for saying how accurate it is, but I’m willing to bet that the beautiful people, psycho fantasy action, and occasional genuinely poignant moment only had the friction to sustain the show and its deliberate line-crossing thanks to its skillfully rendered setting. But then, the werewolves are played by real wolves, some of the sex and blood drinking is just really hot, and there’s Lafayette. I’m still angry at how dumb it can get, but I don’t regret loving it.

Pushing Daisies

It takes at least a paragraph to even explain the premise of Pushing Daisies and then it doesn’t seem like it should be able to support more than a single episode of anything, but believe me when I say the only thing wrong with this show is that it is way too short. A story so laden with death, chaos, and isolating loneliness should not be able to make you feel so good about the world and everyone in it, but it does. There are star-crossed lovers. There’s a dog. There are so many pies. I can’t wait to watch the whole thing again.


I lived in Eugene, Oregon (basically mini-Portland) for five years in the early aughties. I knew a lot of crunchy hippies, smug intellectuals, slackers who drank PBR to be ironic, and also some truly fun and excellent people. I also heard the word “hipster” for the first time. When it came into common usage after I had moved back to the east coast, I quickly associated it with the Oregon types and realized that I had witnessed the birth of a subculture. AND THEN THEY MADE A SHOW ABOUT IT.


I first saw this show when I was way too young (my whole family watched it together, actually, and I recall my parents admitting at one point that we were way too young); didn’t see it again for another fifteen years or so, but could still recite entire scenes from heart. Watched a couple episodes last night with my parents. Still got it. Queen Elizabeth is my favorite character, but I love seeing so many now-familiar British comedians in these early roles.


What a strange experience, when it first aired -- a new Joss show, and while I was still in my Buffy/Angel/Firefly honeymoon stage! And then it wasn’t that funny and it wasn’t that good and we were all oh damn he’s not a sure bet after all. But we kept watching anyway, and then shit got so real and Topher’s actually pretty tragic and the Attic is a headtrip and the romance is beautiful and hello Apocalypse...and it’s different from the rest of the Whedonverse. That’s a good thing. It’s worth some love for its own sake.

Doctor Who

If true fans are the ones who love the entire series and can name all the Doctors etc., I’m not a true fan, but I have a deep and abiding respect for the world’s oldest sci-fi TV show!! and its remarkable ability to preserve continuity for fifty years!! (We forgive it all its lapses, of course.) Anyway, even if the classic series didn’t exist, the modern one would be enough to make it a great show. My favorite Doctor is Eleven. My favorite episode is...you already know. My favorite Companion is...dammit, future meme entry spoilers. Point is, there are favorites everywhere. It deserves it.

Parks and Recreation

I don’t like comedies. Sure maybe a few Britcoms or a sketch show, but certainly not the sitcom type and hell no for mockumentaries descended from The Office. Except...Ron Swanson. Leslie with her sugar addiction. Ben being obsessed with geek culture and R.E.M. Andy and April and every single moment of them together oh my God. I can only offer my humble thanks to those of my friends who knew that this deserved to be my exception and urged me to watch it. I kind of want to go watch some right now.


Hey guess what I’m actually writing my first-ever Firefly fanfic right now! Had some trouble with Jayne. Weird thing about my history with this show is that I have some fond memories of it before I even watched it -- everyone I knew was gushing about it and then rejoicing when the movie came out and it was like a cult was forming right under my nose. (Is fond the right word? Hm.) I think the reason we all got so excited was that it was a herald of TV turning into what we had always wanted: deeply embedded in the sci-fi genre, but character-focused and full of wit and relatable moments. I wish there had been more.


IT IS TIME. I’m going to finish this show. And I’m going to fall in love with the first couple seasons and every character in them all over again, and I’m going to be hopelessly invested all over again even though I get progressively more frustrated by unanswered questions and pointless digressions, but I’m actually going to get to the end and all my feelings will finally be resolved. Okay, no they won’t. But I’m psyched to start feeling them again. Anyone interested in joining me for this crazy journey?

Jessica Jones

I want to say it’s all about this gorgeously unique lead character and the brilliant actress portraying her, but then, I can’t neglect the rest of the amazing cast, the terrifying villain, the unexpected twists of the plot, the dialogue, the noir vibe, the heartbreaking love story, and the connections to the wider MCU world and establishment of the Defenders. This is a superhero story for people who don’t like superheroes. It’s a superhero story for people who love superheroes. It’s everything a dramatic SFF show should be.


There’s a distinct possibility that both this and Jessica Jones are so high up on the list because they’ve each only had one season and thus haven’t had a chance to disappoint me yet, but I intend to bask in their current perfection as long as possible. Legion absolutely floored me. It’s a Marvel show about a diverse group of superpowered people, one of whom is questioning his sanity, and the market for every one of those aspects is oversaturated, but they didn’t beat the odds by just handling the formula really well, they did it by making the show into like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Not in Marvel, not on TV, not in stories about troubled young men.

Whose Line Is It, Anyway?

Quick change of pace, huh? Probably the closest thing I have to a reality show that I enjoy. I started watching it in college, but can’t remember if it was before or after I started improv acting. I’m pretty sure I would have loved it either way. It’s still one of the only shows that can make me laugh out loud if I’m alone in the room (solitude internalizes my humor, not sure if it works like that for everyone). To specify, it’s the American version I like -- yeah, for once it’s the British version of a show that’s the pale imitation -- and the newer seasons, without Drew Carey, were not so much as far as I could tell.

Game of Thrones

Look, I’m not sure what’s going on at the time this gets posted, but at the time of writing, I haven’t seen Season Six and people are bubbling over with spoilers everywhere, so please show some mercy! I mean even in real life, spoilers, and that never happens to me. In today’s world it’s not that uncommon for stories I love to suddenly go mainstream, but this one’s kind of unique due to how long I’ve loved it and how incredibly mainstream it’s gone. Naturally, that makes the disappointments bigger, but the excitement too. Daenerys Targaryen is riding a dragon before my eyes instead of inside my head and that’s just...it’s worth just about anything.


One thing you hear a lot from Spike-centric fans, casual fans, and even some B/A shippers is that they didn’t think much of Angel as a character until he really came into his own as the central character of the spin-off. I disagree. Much of his unique appeal got gradually worn away in an attempt to mold him into the kind of integrated comic relief dark hero that audiences expect. However! He’s still enough of my Angel, and the show has enough of my Buffyverse, to value it on those grounds alone, and the fact is that it was amazing at its high points and had very few of its lowest points. Yep, this is another one I can’t wait to rewatch.


This ought to have been #1 but after the second season I’m not sure it actually deserves #2. Weird how that happens -- while I was watching S2, I thought I was loving it except for a couple small details, but then the small details started retroactively ruining everything. Yeah I know we’re here to talk about what’s awesome about the show, but honestly, the only way the second season could have been a disappointment is in comparison to the first one. For a brief time it was everything I had ever wanted out of television. I still have a lot of hopes for how it will evolve in the future (not to mention the Netflix MCU branch it launched), and I’ll never drop it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Objectively I know there are better shows out there. I also know this one is widely acclaimed for all kinds of reasons, and most of them don’t interest me much; I’m critical, but I’m not a critic. What’s important to me is that the first time I watched, I started really enjoying it in the second season and then almost immediately got so invested in it that waiting for the next episode was torture (and I was marathoning with a friend, so it’s not like I was waiting a whole week). For the first time ever, I looked up some fanfiction. Goes without saying that I had never dreamed I would write some. The rest is history. The friends I made are still the best part of what Buffy brought into my life, but wait: a TV show made me actual friends. That’s huge, man. Nothing compares.

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