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Happy September

Wrote Through the Fog for Firefly, a fandom I've never written in before. (I've been pleasantly surprised by the reception it's had so far - nothing compared to an active fandom, of course, but the people who did read it really seemed to like it.)

Original fiction:
Nothing this month, which means I really have to be firm and forbid myself to write any more fanfiction now that I finished that list.

Art and crafting:
I drew all four of the superheroes I was talking about but can't figure out how to color them. Are there any artists reading who have some idea of what medium works best to get a traditional comic book look?
Did some more practice sewing. Made a tiny bag.

Okay, I'm starting to confuse myself with the reading goals. Maybe I'll just count them all up at the end of the year and make sure I have at least twenty-four. Well, I'm certain I finished Tess of the D'Urbervilles (actually liked the ending much more than I expected), and started The Prince by Machiavelli. Also just today started another Pelted novel.
Finished Lord of Chaos at last and made some progress in A Crown of Swords, the next WoT novel. This is the last one that had been published when I first got into the series all these years ago, and I'm wondering how different the next one will feel when I get there.

TV and games:
Finished all the True Blood that Amazon has to offer; like with Korra, I'm going to call this completed until they get me some more.
Beat FFVIII, whoo-ha! Purchased and started FFIX, so those both get crossed off.

Yeah, the meme didn't show up at all this month. My plan now is to lower my standards so I can get more of it done.
I did a book report. It was short but I make the rules here.
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