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Books Lately: Hit Me Baby One More Time

I don't always pay attention to author names, so I knew Tess of the D'Urbervilles was written by Thomas Hardy, but didn't realize until I was halfway through it that this is the guy who wrote Jude the Obscure -- which is actually one of my favorite books. And then it all made perfect sense, not only because of the poetic style of writing in both, but because of how much the title character has suffered and how badly I wanted them both to be happy. And then I realized something else: Tess's suffering is only going to get worse, just like Jude's did, and we're going to close on a horribly depressing death to wrap up a life of tragedy.

I'm not someone who gives up on a good book halfway through because it's sad. I like sad. But to be honest, I was reluctant, and I'm only picking up speed again because I got past the mid-point heartbreaker and now I'm just super angry at some of the characters. Funny how a lifelong bookworm can still occasionally forget how powerful fiction can be.

Since I'm not riding my bike or the bus to work anymore, there's no good time for audiobooks, so I've wrapped up my Dresden Files marathon for the present. I got through Small Favor, liked some more than others, appreciated the worldbuilding, loved Ramirez, loved Mouse, loved the T-Rex, and still don't feel like I've really read them. I simply cannot follow a plot through audio. I can't even seem to string together the necessary details to notice relevant character development or emergent themes. James Marsters is a fantastic narrator and I've heard that this series is a standout for habitual book-listeners, but I wonder if I just need a different genre -- nonfiction or epic poetry or something.

If I want to catch up on my resolutions I'm going to need to pick a couple short easy books to finish by the end of the month. An odd thing is that I started reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and got about a quarter through it and it's good, and it's been sitting on my bedside table unopened for veritable months. It's a very long book and I've got a deadline so I keep putting it off. Not sure this is working out so well.

Btw, thanks for the responses to my last entry, and also thanks if you read it and made some kind of mental note about how Kairos is irrationally sensitive and you don't want to hurt her feelings. I appreciate that.
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