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Happy August

Yes yes yes finally "Brace for Impact" is finished!

Original fiction:
Nothing this month.

Art and crafting:
I've been working on my superhero costumes, with some help from How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, and I've got Star Girl and Dragoness all but down. (The latter is exciting because I've had a mental image of it for ages and just couldn't seem to draw it.) Also started one for Catbird. Once I finish that, I'm going to try War Paint, then color them all in some capacity and call this resolution completed.
I made a very silly and oversized pair of earrings using gargoyle beads I got for my birthday. Not sure when I'll ever wear them or if they merit a photo, but it counts so I'm crossing it off the list. :)
Along with the comic-drawing books I got from the library, I picked up two on sewing, but haven't really cracked them yet. It was my husband who got out the machine and managed to make some blackout curtains for the bedroom, so of course I'm suitably shamed and will have to one-up him sooner or later.

Way behind in reading again. Well, maybe not that bad, but I'm less than halfway through Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. It's not difficult reading and it may actually be my favorite book this year so far, but it's long, and it seems my writing cut into my reading time.
The aforementioned How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way counts as the second book, and I'll catch up with three completed ones next month.
Apparently I've been (re)reading Lord of Chaos since June. I've only got ten pages or so left but I also haven't once opened up the online book club I've been using, so I'm a sad pathetic WoT failure girl this year. (I kid. This resolution is not hugely important to me.)

TV and games:
I'm a few episodes into S6 of True Blood. Same as with Legend of Korra, I'm going to have to stop prematurely, since the finally season isn't on Amazon Prime yet. Anyway, it's about what I expected, with some of the old charm hanging on, but large swathes when I appreciate having something to do with my hands while I'm watching.
Made it to the final boss in FFVIII! I actually thought I was going to beat it last night, but in a way I'm glad I didn't; winning against a final boss on your first try cheapens the satisfaction. :)

I did like a week of meme, that's got to be worth something. (And I think I only have a little over a week left, that's worth a lot more.)
Did my comics review and another American Gods post and a big list of movies.
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