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The Kairos 30-Day Meme: Twenty Favorite Animated Movies

This is a queued entry and does not reflect my current status. A new post will appear each day this month, but to preserve novelty, the categories that I used won’t be listed publicly beforehand. If you’d like to use my template, let me know and I’ll privately send you the complete list of categories so that you can rearrange and swap them out to suit yourself.

If you don’t want to bother with the entire meme but still want to play, it is highly encouraged to list some of your own favorites for today’s category in the comments.

Day Twenty: Animated Films

I have a sinking feeling I'm leaving out a ton of my favorites. For one thing, I was going for some variation so that it wasn't a full list of Disney and Miyazaki, but also I just really love me some animation and there's so much good stuff out there. Recent masterpieces and also much-beloved children's movies that may have just faded out of my memory. Anyway, the twenty below are still a good place to start!

Cute robot takes on the burden of all mankind’s mistakes.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Wild animal learns to be a better husband and father.

Beauty and the Beast
No summary needed; it’s a tale as old as time.

The Emperor’s New Groove
Young royal learns basic decency through accidental transfiguration.

Titan AE
Humanity rebuilds after Earth dies in a strangely satisfying massive explosion.

Waking Life
People dream.

The Little Mermaid
Rebellious teenager exchanges voice for legs.

The Secret of NIMH
Widowed mouse meets enhanced rats who can help her son.

The Incredibles
Superhero family forms a team instead of vice versa.

Grave of the Fireflies
Children suffer horribly during WWII, be careful, it hurts.

The Land Before Time
Baby apatasaur apparently doesn’t have a father.

Ferngully: the Last Rainforest
Get this, there’s a goanna here too, and I never even realized it was set in Australia.

Lilo and Stitch
Angry yet fluffy experiment reforms after exposure to the King.

Inside Out

The Rescuers Down Under
Small boy gets to ride all the coolest Australian fauna.

The Last Unicorn
How many categories can I fit Peter S. Beagle into?

My Neighbor Totoro
Children ride Catbus.

101 Dalmatians
Fierce spotted couple rescue their children plus 82 orphans.

The Lion King
Exiled prince gets over guilt complex and is a lion.

Princess Mononoke
Exiled prince rides his elk to an iron-rich forest and falls for a wolf girl.

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