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The Kairos 30-Day Meme: Nineteen Favorite Websites

This is a queued entry and does not reflect my current status. A new post will appear each day this month, but to preserve novelty, the categories that I used won’t be listed publicly beforehand. If you’d like to use my template, let me know and I’ll privately send you the complete list of categories so that you can rearrange and swap them out to suit yourself.

If you don’t want to bother with the entire meme but still want to play, it is highly encouraged to list some of your own favorites for today’s category in the comments.

Day Nineteen: Websites

Nothing is quite as all-encompassing of genre and media as the internet, so to narrow it down I tried to leave off the biggest ones, like Amazon and Wikipedia, no matter how much use I get out of them. Also, some might be dead. I'm about to find out.


...It's dead. Man, a few years ago you could at least find a reference to it in someone's Facebook or whatnot when you googled that word. Le sigh. Anyway, it was a forum based on a chatroom assembled by a group of friends who met through a camp called Hulbert. Kids these days don't have forums, let alone chatrooms, but I bet they still have online hotspots for people they met in real life but don't get to see too often, so you probably know how it feels to cling to a memory of a site that has stopped existing.


...It's not dead! Honestly, it's still pretty recognizable as the same site I got addicted to way way back. I was already far older than the target market but you know how cute animal pictures and mindless games and digital collection challenges can destroy an otherwise reasonable adult, and I'm not even that reasonable. In fact, I think the only thing that permanently killed my interest was when I accidentally obtained a pair of "dung wings" and couldn't remove it from my inventory.

The Gryphon's Guild

...It's...sort of dead? Looks like there were posts as recently as last year. It went through so many incarnations even when I was active that it's hard to say whether some of the old gang is still socializing under the name on Tumblr or whatever else. Anyway, this was my first fandom (although the word wasn't used at the time), where I found my first online friends, and the reason I created my first avatar. We were all pretty young and you'd be amazed by how much drama can be stirred up in a discussion group about fantasy creatures, but I don't regret it and sometimes I still miss it.


Okay, no more reminiscing. This is still quite active. It's just an online catalog, but dammit, it's a good catalog. I went to copy the URL just now and before I knew it I had two items in my cart. I have 2430 geek points and I have to use them before they expire but I'm not sure I really need a Handbag of Holding? This is the type of dilemma that follows me every time I visit and I haven't even checked for new GotG items yet.

Homestar Runner

I can't believe it's still here and still adding new content and all the old stuff is still intact and it's like a gentle hug from the world and a voice that whispers, "It's okay. Homestar still loves you." The StrongBad emails were the best. How can I describe to you my feelings when Trogdor was referenced in the BtVS finale? (BtVS was always making references to things I loved when they were current, but I didn't watch the show until it was off the air, so they were all like retro flashbacks for me.) Raise a glass to the glory days of Flash.


These days everything is Buzzfeed or other clickbait with less branding around it, but you remember when clickbait actually led to articles you enjoyed reading? Cracked kind of invented that. I don't check it regularly for the same reason I try to avoid the rest of the internet content that won't advance me as a human being, but I'm pretty sure it still employs solid writers, and I can remember a few fair articles that give me the giggles years after they've vanished.

Something Awful

No don't worry, come back, I'm not going to be an apologist for the nasty stuff that came out of this site (and probably still does; I don't keep up to date). But a lot of fun and interesting and hilarious stuff came out of it too, which is wont to happen to a forum that was at one point the third biggest on the internet and never gave a shit about anything.


Okay, we thought this site was gone, but it turns out if you link to anywhere but the main page, it's intact. Let's enjoy it while we can, because the shooting scripts hosted here were an awesome resource for fans, and there are all kinds of links and images to keep you busy if all you want is to frolic in Buffy goodness.


Aw, whaaaat? This one looks like it's gone for real. Sad day, because this is where I first started posting art on the internet and probably the first site beyond email that I started checking regularly. Everything looked so bright and shining and exciting back then -- browse through thumbnails, read a profile, ooh ooh here's one that does dragons and griffins -- and I was so proud when I became part of it. When I got a comment I would read it over and over again.

Post Secret

Last month I sent in three, which I'd been holding onto for so long that they needed ten more cents in postage. I'm not sure any of them were true anymore. I keep forgetting to check if they've been posted, because I don't really care that much, but I still have ideas for others I want to make...someday. Everyone has a story, and that's mine.

This Is Colossal

I think this is my most recent cool website discovery. It's just page after page of unusual art, in every conceivable medium, updated daily. Beware browsing, as you can easily get sucked in as time disappears, and be extra careful about the shop, where I'm headed right now to finish the job that ThinkGeek started on my self-discipline.


Kind of hard to know how to refer to this site. I mean, I was leaving the domain extensions off the rest of them, but you can't just call it "FanFiction"; that's just a word. I guess that's why we tend to refer to it as The Pit. I guess that's also evidence of how venerable it is in fandom terms -- maybe at the time it came about, fanfiction wasn't just a word. Whatever the case, I had some great times there, and my account, with my first ever use of my screen name Kairos, is still going strong.

Eye of the Tiber

It's basically The Onion for Catholics. Like The Onion, the headlines are usually the funniest part, and not every joke is gonna land, but this is a great example of how the best humor is the humor that hits you at home. I know everyone has a good time making fun of Catholics and I wouldn't want to take that away from them, but what they never realized is that we do the same thing, and we're better at it.


I miss the days when nearly every new link posted was relevant to my interests, but you know what? I actually still check this site every day. I love the blog format, not a common variety of web design anymore, and I appreciate the no-BS approach of the moderators -- not because I always agree with the choices they make, but because you know what you're going to get. It made a nice little community where the discussions were consistently engaging and always stayed on topic.

Hyperbole and a Half

Allie Brosh needs no introduction (I hope). It's been a long long time since the internet heard a peep from her, which I've just verified by asking the internet, as I do periodically because we all want to know how she's doing. Let's hope for the best for her, naturally, but if she chooses to never post or publish anything again, let's also remember that we still have Hyperbole and a Half. It brightened our lives, gave us the Alot and all the things, and maybe made some of us feel a little less alone.

Archive of Our Own

I couldn't decide which fanfiction site to put up, because I've got more of a history with and sentimentality toward FF.net, but I much prefer using Ao3 and am moving toward it as my sole fanfiction writing home, so I decided to list both, but now I feel bad for listing Elfwood but not deviantART. Okay, I'm rambling but this is a kind of pointless link anyway; if you read or write fanfiction at all you're already aware of Ao3 anyway.

TV Tropes

Pssst. Hey, kid. You want to spend the next few hours of your life learning various trivia about that movie or show or book you love so much? You want some new vocabulary for talking about the themes it has in common with other stories? Here ya go, kid. Oh, what's that? Those links all over the page? Sure, kid, just click 'em. Click 'em all. Don't you want to bask in fandom love for that character? Don't you want to recognize some witty quote that neatly describes a genre convention? DON'T YOU? COME ON! CLICK THE LINKS! (Tl;dr - it's not a few hours, it's your entire life, forever.)

Blood Roses

At the beginning of the list, I talked about the forum my real-life teenager friends group had to socialize online. Blood Roses fulfilled almost the same function for a different stage in my life - I met all of the other members online, but mostly I met them through other Buffyverse sites, and those of us who loved B/A (Bangel) filtered ourselves into a little sub-community where we hung out gushing over our favorite characters or analyzing the show from a B/A perspective or just enjoying our friendships. I still get caught up re-reading old threads sometimes. It's been a haven. I miss you, my girls.


Oh, it's you, is it? After all these years, who'd have thought. I mean, I started out on Diaryland. I didn't want to leave, but everyone was migrating, and my friend gave me a code...you needed a code back then...

I tried to move on with the times. I've got a Facebook, Twitter, now a Tumblr of all things. I don't exactly do my part in keeping my favorite social media sites active. But whatever I'm into, be it Buffy, Marvel, griffins, or Catholic jokes, I can always come home to my blog and let the whole internet in here with me, assuming it wants to come. This has been a part of my life for like sixteen years. That's longer than half the people on Tumblr have even been alive. That's insane.

Someday I suppose it will go the way of Elfwood and Hulbertsaloon and that platform ITW where the Gryphon's Guild was hosted. It will hurt. I've done plenty of complaining about LJ and I'm happy to continue, but it shaped my life, and all in all, I think it was for the better.
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