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I knew I'd cave eventually.

This morning I finally got around to deleting the LJ I had kept for the last eight years. A moment of silence? Nah. It's been silent there for a long time anyway.

But I do miss blogging, and it turns out I like my current flist a lot (huh!). I may start posting entries which have nothing to do with fanfiction or media or memes, if I can find any remaining part of my life that has nothing to do with fanfiction or media or memes, and lock them for the eyes of a custom friends list. (I'm not going to be saying anything hyper-personal, I just don't want to clutter up the page for anyone who's only here for fandom stuff.)

If you would like to be on my This Is Not A Fanfic list, please comment on this entry with your favorite prehistoric mammal.

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