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SO MANY to talk about so I'm going to go through them as quickly as possible but I can always keep talking if there's any in particular that interest you! I'm sure I forgot a few.

I completely approve of keeping Tony mostly in the background so it could remain Peter's movie, and overall I think they did a really good job with the MCU tie-ins and the casting and the villain and just making it a fun heartfelt movie about a struggling young person, BUT STILL, I'm just SO HAPPY that Tony and Pepper are back together that it's hard to focus on any other aspect. I didn't even think I cared about Pepperony that much, but apparently I do! Please let's see that ring on her hand in Infinity War!

Worth the wait. DC movies aren't must-sees for me, but this was an exception, since it looked so good right from the beginning and I've always felt a warm regard for the character that I can't really place or explain. Anyway, this movie was as good as everyone said it was, and I think it proves that what we need isn't just more female superheroes, but female superheroes who are kind and just and approve of babies and ice cream. Also, we need more women doing battle stunts on horseback, WHO'S WITH ME?

I'm not going to go on about it all over again, I'm just here to share my joy at getting to see it one last time in the theater even though I thought I was going to miss it. Also, video release date! Quite close to The Defenders so it looks like I'll be a bit torn in August.

I could definitely watch this for the visuals alone, but I also get the feeling I'd be happy just repeating the "Gaston" and "Be Our Guest" scenes over and over again. Oh! And what was the name of Lumiere's feather duster girlfriend? Plumette! Plumette was a fantastic addition. (I know he had a feather duster girlfriend in the animated version too, but this is where she really came to life.)

It's a horror movie! I don't like to be scared, but by my final flight I had watched so many movies that I was scraping the barrel, and I realized I wasn't likely to get scared by a movie while I was on a plane, so...I watched two horror movies. Neither scared me and both were enjoyable in different ways, but I also got to thinking that maybe the other reason I'm not into the genre is that so much rides on the twist at the end. In this case, you can figure out pretty early that the girlfriend is in on it and the awesome TSA friend is going to come to the rescue, and after that the only suspense is who's going to survive. On the other hand, I thought the way the racial stuff was handled was actually pretty brilliant, so maybe leaving that as the focal point and half-assing the mystery was the right choice.

This is the other horror movie, which I'd only heard of because I follow James Gunn on Twitter. When I saw Yondu and Kraglin were in it I decided to give it a try. (Kraglin plays the exact same character as the stoner in Cabin in the Woods, right down to having the same name. I can't tell if it's coincidental.) It's the Hunger Games/Battle Royale plot, but with office drones instead of teenagers, and a less plausible motivation for the masterminds than either of them. I dunno, I still love James Gunn, but I'm not sure what the appeal is here.

I didn't even finish watching the first one, I don't know what I was doing here, I just like Keanu Reeves shooting people. I fell asleep anyway.

Genuinely funny, especially with all the crossover monsters at the end, and just a really neat way to do a Batman spoof that treated the character affectionately. Of course, I'm not a Batfan myself, so the annoying bits ended up sticking with me more than the jokes or cuteness. (As the credits roll there's this cheery song about how friends are family, and you know how I feel about the Found Family trope and it's an earworm and grr.)

Holy cow, I was not prepared for this movie to be so good. The character of Monkey alone is worth the watch. I think it's a Netflix original so if you've got it available, I can heartily recommend you give it a try.

Hey, it's another genre I don't watch. It was about what I expected - more interesting than it was entertaining. I start to get restless after an hour or two watching something in which nobody is in a life-and-death struggle and the only ones who talk are human, but I also have a soft spot for inspiring true stories, so I felt pretty good at the end.

Man, just look at all the DC on this list! I watched half of this one on one plane and half on another, a couple weeks later. It held my attention for a while but didn't live up to the trailer. I'd kind of like to know what it is about Will Smith. His movies aren't usually all that good, but whenever he himself is on the screen it's like a magnetic attraction.

I have this thing where I love Vin Diesel but I don't like car movies, so I was pretty pumped for another XXX, but unfortunately they always have to stuff a bunch of other things around Vin Diesel swaggering and doing stunts. Still enjoyable, though!
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