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Happy July and Happy July 4th and Happy Birthday to Me

Worked on the thing. Did not finish the thing.

Original fiction:
Nothing this month.

Art and crafting:
Fiddled with my superhero costumes. Briefly.

Had to catch up on May's challenge as well, so I've got a longer list this time:
Finished Heart of Darkness. All I had known beforehand was that it was the basis for Apocalypse Now (a classic war movie), so I figured it would be a wild ride, but honestly I found it kind of dreary and I'm glad it's over.
Read The Communist Manifesto. It was fairly interesting from a historical perspective, but I haven't turned into a communist so ultimately I would say it was ineffective.
For June, I read Frankenstein, which has an absolutely infuriating narrator but raises the right questions, and I think it's earned its place as an early sci-fi classic.
Finally returned to the MCA Hogarth collection and downloaded Mindline. More of a plot than the first one and overall a bit better. I'll definitely continue with the Pelted universe, although from here I'll skip over to either the space opera or the dark stuff, since I think that's how the chronology is supposed to go.
Currently near the beginning of Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and still working on Lord of Chaos (book six of Wheel of Time).

TV and games:
Today I will return to FFVIII, or start S6 of True Blood, or both.

I have two more entries for the meme queued. For some reason, I'm still telling myself I'm going to get the rest of it done in one go.
Apparently I haven't done any media reviews. Well, I watched a ton of movies on planes and I have some ranting to do about TV too, so I'll probably make up for that.
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