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Where am I getting all this nerve?

GRRM brought up the topic of fanfiction in his blog today and left it open for discussion, so I aired my own opinions in a comment there. And he replied!

His stance is firmly anti-fanfic and it's no big surprise that he simply reiterated that in regard to my question about the upcoming HBO show, but it's still cool that I got a response.

Given the difference between books and TV shows as sources for fanfiction, many of you will probably find this debate not entirely applicable to your fandom experience, but if you're interested, there's some good perspective going on over there. If you've got a viewpoint to share but don't want to do so in his blog, feel free to post it here. (I know there's nobody here who would go nettle the author, but even making courteous and well-considered comments in a famous person's blog can be intimidating.)

Yeah, I'm getting around to a reaction post to #35. And some overdue comments! My excuse for tonight is distraction in the form of The Princess and the Frog.
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