Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

American Gods

Didn't really want to get to know Laura any better. Cannot sympathize and now Shadow just seems like a buffoon for loving her. That felt like a wasted episode.

"Somewhere in America" in skyline graffiti, and other title words visually woven into scenes. Those English subtitles over Arabic. Beautiful. Love it.

I've been pronouncing Anubis wrong all my life.

Ever since I was a geek teenager I've heard my fellow geeks bouncing around this idea that beliefs have the power to create their own object. It comes up in all kinds of SFF settings, especially the ones drawing on mythology from the real world. Now and again you hear some young person talk as if there's some actual truth to it, in the sense that God might say He is nothing without faith. I can't be sure but it seems possible that Neil Gaiman actually started that trope, through multiple works of his where it shows up. It's masterfully done but it makes me uneasy -- the dark side of the proverbial power of positive thinking, which was already dark enough on its own.

More coin tricks please.

So far, the best parts seem to be the ones closest to the source material, which is oddly enough not what I expected. I mean, those are generally the parts of an adaptation that I'm the most eager to see, but for this show I just expected they would have to change a lot, and I was waiting for the clever artistic ways they would compensate. But I'm finding I'm a sucker for the wham line, in anything, and there's something so satisfying about the thought process of "Say you don't grant wishes. Say it. Say it. Yesss...."

The Russian gods were my favorites so far. The cranky oldest sister, and Czernobog with the checkers. I wish they hadn't used that as a cliffhanger, but it was still fun.

Anansi inciting the slave ship! Holy crap that was powerful. Even my arachnophobia didn't get in the way.

Is the bug spray in a covered hot tub really a thing? That sounds like the most nauseating, not-worth-it high you could come up with, even restricted to household products.

Bast all like *points to icon* but it looked like she was a different cat at the funeral home? Works for me. Enjoyed the idea of a Sphinx, because Egypt, but don't like hairless cats in general. (Lying Cat is conspicuously silent, knowing she is an exception.) Anubis is a Doberman, though? C'mon, why not a Pharaoh Hound?

I've settled on the one upcoming scene that they had better as hell include and better as hell do it justice that will make or break the series for me. I'll let you know after it comes up. Or when I think we're past the point where it would have come up.
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