Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia


Why hello, here is an entirely unorganized list of things I liked or noticed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.

Peter sniffing his shirt before he puts it on.
Rocket running on four legs and washing by licking his fur.
"Father and Son" by Cat Stevens.
I was four out of five on my predictions. Zero for hopes, but it made up for that in other ways.
Baby Groot falling asleep on Drax's shoulder at the end.
Rocket ends up being the one who's into Peter's music.
Did Rocket call Peter "Q"? Man I'd been going with "Pete" but this is so much cuter.
Crystal-faced guy was one of my favorite character designs.
Okay, those video game sound effects for the remotely piloted Sovereign fleet? I died.
Not to mention spaceships with steering wheels.
Peter's spirit animal is Pac-Man.
"Yes, Drax, I have a penis."
Mantis, just everything Mantis.
The team is now an even male/female split, if you don't read too much into Groot's voice.
Peter's memories of love with each team member and his mother.
Tags: guardians of the galaxy

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