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It's easier to just pull them out of the air.

This weekend I fulfilled my longtime dream of seeing RENT onstage, and I've been obsessing over...regret. The show was great; the timing was off. Take me back a few years and I would have felt like it was the most pivotal moment of my life. But it wasn't coming to my city back then, and I couldn't have afforded it even if it had been, and this is just the way it happens. Rage at the Unicorn because she came too late, but in the end you still choose to follow her.

I just watched the premiere of American Gods, and wtf I reread this book just months ago and I swear I was pumped about the show, and this episode was really good TV, and somehow I still feel like the timing was off again. I'm having thoughts about cynicism that I never had while reading, and the adaptation is so true to the source that I can't really tell whether there's any difference there or or if I'm imagining it.

Maybe I'm just in a phase of some kind? I really hope not, because GotG Vol. 2 is out in three days.
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