Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

Happy May

Another month rolls in...

Did not finish "Brace for Impact", alas, but certainly added to it.


Finished The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Why do I always forget about Oscar Wilde? He's so funny. Lots of cutting remarks on erudite culture, too, and 19th century English/American rivalry, which I adore. Very much worth it!
Secondary book was Axe Cop, Vol. 2: Bad Guy Earth. Just as good as the first one, but probably a good place to stop, since the kid can't stay six forever.
My Wheel of Time re-read for this month was The Fires of Heaven, book 5. I remembered this as being the point where the story starts to drag, but for the first third or so, I was surprised by how much was happening, and then it really did start to drag, and then everything started happening again but only at the very end. I thought for sure the next book must be shorter, but nope, they never really get shorter.

TV and games:
My Legend of Korra marathon was interrupted by Legion (which I'm rewatching now), and because new MST3K, I mean, what am I gonna do, not watch MST3K? But I did finish the second season, and whoa, there were definitely a few episodes there I was seeing for the first time and they were epic. Looking forward to one of those "everything has changed!" seasons to follow it.

Art and crafting:
I'm at the "finishing touches" stage of the pastel I've been working on. In my case that means "twelve more layers of color over this area and don't stop until you've overdone it", so, yeah. Not sure how much longer this will take.

Well, my supermeme begins. (First one posted at 1pm although I thought I had set them all for 12:01am...decided I didn't care.) I wasn't ready! I'm going to have to work hard on upcoming entries to keep them coming on scheduling, so I might end up neglecting some kind of other internet thing, as if I wasn't doing that already. :)
If this works properly, I'll be auto-posting every day this month and writing about my favorite media/fandom things. Originally, my hope was that this would help breathe some life into LJ, but in the state we're in now, I'm not sure how many eyes it will even reach. Still, it's better than posting nothing! I got my icons back and everything. We're gonna talk about movies n' stuff.
Oh, and I'm pretty sure I reviewed something? Legion? Sure, that counts.
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