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I was interested in this show just because it's X-Men related and seemed to be a departure from the crap that Fox has been producing in the movieverse, but I forgot to watch it while it was on the air and only got ahold of the full eight episodes last week. Nobody I knew had seen it, I didn't watch any promotional material, and my memories of the Legion arc in the comics are very fuzzy, so I had no idea what to expect.


I'm right about nobody else having seen it, right? I would hate to think that you've been watching and neglected to tell me about it. I haven't been this stunned by a show since Daredevil S1. It's SO GOOD.

On the surface, you can't describe Legion without phrases like "surrealism" or "dream imagery" or "I don't remember dropping acid but how else do you explain what I'm seeing here." Yes, that means beautiful (and sometimes terrifying) cinematography. It also means that it's never easy to discern if any given scene takes place in the present, a memory, a false memory, a nonlinear piece of the narrative, a dream, a character's conscious mind, the astral plane, or something else together. Following it can be confusing and uncomfortable.

...Which is actually fantastic, because right from the beginning you know exactly how David Haller, a mutant diagnosed with schizophrenia, is feeling. It's a show about gaslighting, and also a show about the opposite of gaslighting (I don't know if there's a word for it, but having mental health issues and being told that you don't is sure as hell a thing). It's the struggle of superpowered individuals in a world that fears them, told with more humanity than the genre has managed in any show or movie so far, but you don't need to be interested in the old X-Men theme. You don't even need to like superheroes.

The actor who plays David is amazing in the role, the rest of the cast is solid and delightfully varied, and Aubrey Plaza's in it. Aubrey Plaza, man!

This isn't the kind of thing I can write fic for and I expect all of the fandom is centered on tumblr as usual, so I'd love it if we got some talk going on around here. Watch Legion!
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