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Happy April

This month I finished everything on my list forever, perfectly. No I kid. It's April first.

Finished Wolfsbane, yay! Also worked on Brace for Impact and posted a couple chapters.

The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. I dreamed I was toiling in the land of Book That People Talk About and Don't Read. Though I traveled the Archaic Road, the way was not difficult and I did not call upon the aid of Dictionary, but one doesn't exactly look forward to reading Pilgrim's Progress, either, so I thought it was apt that it coincidentally came up right on time for Lent.
My easy book was the first volume of Axe Cop, and I made it through The Shadow Rising and even skimmed the recap/commentary for the entire thing.
I felt a little silly about going into a reading frenzy over the past week just to meet my quota, but I also feel silly when I buy books and graphic novels and leave them unread on my shelf for years at a time, so it's all good.

TV and games:
Legend of Korra was interrupted for Iron Fist, but I finished S1 today and I'm trying to remember how far into S2 I got the first time...possibly the entire way, not sure. Either way it's still great.
I'm not sure I played FFVIII, or any video game, at all this month. I think my brain needed a break from the last time I got stuck on a boss and wasted two hours of progress.

Art and crafting:
I started a pastel; it's big and it's silly and cute and I'm very happy to have chosen to do it.

Pushed back the 30-day meme for the last time; if I fail to be ready by May, shame is on me.
I think I did at least two media reviews, to make up for not doing one last month.

I still have slots open for my six random acts of goodwill, but this is the last time I'll poke you about it.
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