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My TV reviews have really shrunk.

So, I think the last thing I said about Iron Fist was that the first couple episodes were kind of slow and not that engaging. Well, in the middle it gets intense and unpredictable and pretty awesome, and then the climax is...kind of slow and not that engaging. The characters spend multiple episodes not doing much except spouting stock lines about how if we kill them it makes us no better than them, and I can't believe I trusted you, and muahaha I am using my evil villain words to fill you with self-doubt.

It's not a train wreck. If nothing else, a few of those mid-series fight scenes were out of this world, and the twists, when they really are twists, pack a heavy WTF wallop which I value greatly. But if you're not an MCU completionist and don't have any particular attachment to the comic source material or kung fu, I'd say skip this one. I can fill you in on the best crossover moments if you're curious.
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