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TV Lately (Dude, Where's My Inheritance?)

I've seen two episodes so far and I have a lot of complaints, most of which boil down to not having any details that really intrigue me. Danny isn't unlikeable, but he's infuriating and I hope his backstory provides a few good reasons for his cluelessness as it unfolds. The Meachums (sp?) haven't really made much of an impression on me yet and I think it may have something to do with their collective acting being a little dry. Colleen Wing is fun to watch, but I can't shake the notion that she's a terrible teacher. Also too snarky for my tastes, but that will probably change once she's established as an ally/love interest.

The connection to the Hand is where I'm pinning all my hopes, not because I loved the Hand arc in Daredevil but because it's a firm crossover and I need that. The three other shows all had something that set them apart, and it showed up early each time. Plus the leading man/lady for each was excellent, and I'm still not over my disappointment at the casting for Danny Rand. I had pictured him as a Glenn (from the Walking Dead) type of character, and sure, I don't know anything about the comics, but starry-eyed hippy of violence just doesn't seem like he belongs here.

Also I hate his beard. Hate it. With a passion. I think it's turning me off of all beards forever. I wasn't much of a beard fan to begin with but I could have overlooked them until this atrocity came around. Learn to shave, you stupid Fist.

...And he's dead, and so is, like, everyone in King's Landing! No offense to any of them on an individual level, but I think that was a pretty cool move. Cersei has somehow managed to become both the most incompetent and the most dangerous player in the Game, and now she's the last one standing. Really, may as well just start putting up Targ banners to welcome Dany in; it's not like she's going to meet much resistance.

Also Dany's force is coming together nicely. Asha was never one of my favorites in the books, and Yara is a lot different but I didn't like that either, but oddly her scenes are becoming some of the most entertaining ones to watch. Even the ones with Theon in them. Love that she's taking care of her people by putting their limited power where it will be most appreciated. So now Dany's got her fleet, her army, her Westeros-savvy advisor, and her dragons (who are suddenly trained and obedient, I guess we just have to go with it). Time to incinerate some White Walkers and fall in love with Jon.

Probably not, since they're related now and we've all had enough incest. I'm still psyched that they'll finally get to meet. Ice and Fire, bitches! And Jon has sure had his moments of glory, too. Husband and I were both awed by "The Battle of the Bastards" -- how much of the season's budget went into that one episode? Ramsay's dead, but so belatedly that I didn't get much thrill out of Sansa's vengeance scene. I really hope they don't try to shoehorn another Joffrey-esque villain in before the end. Even Walder Frey got what was coming! Much relieved that Arya's back in town. I didn't really love her Braavos arc.

Hey, can someone remind me where Brienne went? She's not dead, is she? Also why is Ghost always disappearing? He's the last wolf left until Arya reunites with Nymeria, dammit, he should be here to represent. Oh, and we got Coldhands finally; that was cool, although I wish his origins had been left a mystery. Now it's spoiled for anyone who didn't pick up on it in the books. No megaloceros, either. Ah well.

Haven't gotten further than what I had already watched, but here's a few things I'd forgotten how much I liked:

• Lightning-bending and metal-bending being used in the technological advancements which bring the world up to a steampunk-style age of electricity and automotive vehicles. This is so rare in a fantasy setting, even if we're lucky enough to see the same world two generations after it's introduced -- the assumption seems to be that a civilization that regularly uses magic won't bother with any other kind of development. But here it's incorporated, logically and seamlessly. I can almost hear Toph's voice echoing through time: "I'm so glad I invented metal-bending."

• Asami is gorgeous and rich so she's obviously pampered and prissy OH WAIT NO. Korra's verbalization of this revelation just echoes what the audience is thinking, and admitting that she was wrong is even more important for her character than it is for Asami. (Yes, I know what happens between them at the end, but I'm not factoring that in right now; the scene works on its own.) It's also really wonderful to see Korra's relationship with her cousins, and with Tenzin, her own personal Giles. I still don't love her like I love Aang or Katara, but if she's going to get into my heart, her friendships are the right path to take.

• Pabu. Okay, I never actually forgot how much I love Pabu. These shows could have nothing else going for them and I'd still watch just to see what kinds of animals they're going to combine and animate. Naga's cute too but I don't have the same feelings toward dogs or polar bears that I do toward ferrets and red pandas.

No cut required to say that MST3K is on Netflix now. That just makes me so happy.
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